Monday, June 01, 2009

when good technology attacks

All the photos in this post are iphone cam. I'm not planning on making it a habit. At least I don't think I will...
The good technology is my new iphone. What it attacked? My knitting time.

During the train ride to NYC Saturday, my precious 1 hour and 54 minutes of uninterrupted knit-with-podcast that I view as an unalienable right , an unassailable ritual, a gift of time, the raison d'etre of MetroNorth rideship, something I protect as mine all mine all get my drift? yeah, like that. I spent it entering contacts, accidentally calling people once they were in there, then having to chat and explain
why .
(and if you're that guy who sat next to me, I really do apologize and it was nice of you to say you think iphones are cool too and then telling me fourteen more amazing things I could make it do right then and there).
My first ever phone cam shot. Bryant Park, where I sat and knat while having a good long chat with dearest old friends . I didn't do it justice, I was too busy trying to figure out the best way to waggle the phone's lens in space. My old phone had no cam. When you're used to other kinds of cameras, you know, that weigh several pounds, it just feels funny. I'm adapting.
It was so splendid Saturday, every few minutes we'd overhear this from folks on
their phones, "You won't BELIEVE where I am! In NY CITY! In a park! But it feels like I'm in PARIS!"
My Airy Cardigan sleeves are growing, two up. As soon as I have my new best friend phone all set, I'll be back on them (apps! you've seen the ads, right? No exaggerating, there really is an app for that. Whatever that is).It's still chilly enough part of every day that I could be wearing this cardi. Like right now. I wish I were!
Also: I wish I'd taken a photo of my sandwich from the
'wichcraft stand: marinated white anchovy, soft cooked eggs, greens and a slightly spicy vinegary sauce. Mmmmmmm.


Bullwinkle said...

And people wonder why I'm now carrying 3 phones: one for work, one for me and one with all the contacts I haven't moved over, yet, but the phone part died ...

Have fun with it!!

Baby Beth said...

Get the Stitch Minder app. It's wonderful. Also, just search "knit" in the AppStore and there's a whole bunch of other knitting ones. I only have the free ones since I can access Ravelry from my phone and don't need a Rav-knock off app.

livnletlrn said...

And then there are those of us who stubbornly refuse to even carry a plain ol' cell phone! I'm sure I'd love all this stuff, but don't even want to start down that slippery slope. Less interruptions = more knitting time. Works for me! :-)

But I can certainly appreciate the ooh-ahh-shiny appeal of a new toy! Not so sure I can appreciate that sandwich you described, though. Guess I'd have to taste it to understand.

craftivore said...

I have an iphone too and love it. I was really partial to the dinky little camera on my old cell phone, it had a funny way of filtering the light, I guess you might call it the Holga effect. I've been considering keeping it around just to take photos with.

Looks like a beautiful NYC day. Days like that in the city seem charmed.

Archiknist said...

I just got an iPhone too! Kevin and i went to the store together, and it was all he could do to get my attention on the way home (fortunatley he was driving). I think I'm starting to get back to normal.

Ellen Bloom said...

Hey! Those I-Phone photos are pretty good....but then, you've got the "EYE."

The cardigan sleeves look so fluttery and light. Can't wait to see the rest of the sweater!

Mary Lou said...

When last in NYC I was playing with my friend's I phone - her husband put about a zillion free apps on it, including the complete works of Shakespeare..I want one, but don't want to give up Verizon. (My verification word is invell - sounds like Yiddish for something funny.)

Turtle said...

lol about the phone. The sandwich sounds yum!