Friday, November 09, 2012

a few quick things

• This Friday night 7 pm Nov 9th, I'm the guest speaker for the Common Cod Fiber Guild. I'll be doing a slidetalk on my favorite subject (or, one of them, anyway); 10 Tips for Fabulous Photography of Knitwear, and Beyond . It's a best hits of ideas from classes I teach. All wrapped up in a bow, with very little jargon. If you're not a Common Cod member no worries, $5. gets you in the door.
So..that's, like, 50¢ a photo tip? Good deal.

 • Where?  In Cambridge Massachusetts, at MIT. Heh, I am giving a talk at MIT. 
You have no idea how dorky I've been,  saying this (over and over and over).

• On Saturday, I'm teaching an all day class in Needham MA, same subject. But hands on, with plenty of shooting time plus time to do a quick edit and review/critique what we shot. We're meeting in an historic school house, which should be an amazing setting for shooting your knits. Thanks to Creative Warehouse for making this happen! There's till room for a few more students , last minute is OK.  This is going to be a special class.
Best use of pompoms that I've seen in ages, right? 
• I've already misplaced my wonderful new mitts. I wore them at Rhinebeck and then they evaporated. I know I brought them home. This is so disheartening. And, my hands are cold.
Pompom style. Only the very few can carry it off. In this case, on a kindergarten field trip to the US capitol. 


Lee said...

Love the pompoms! Such a great color and such a great smile.

twinsetellen said...

Oh, dang, to lose those mitts is sad. I recommend keeping the pom pom photo ready at hand for its powers to restore good cheer.

Kathy said...

GREAT to see you tonight, Gale. Loved the presentation.

Mary Lou said...

Oh if I only could rock pom poms like that. Did you have anyone we know at MIT? I can't wait to tell everyone our photographer speaks at MIT.

Manise said...

Such a cutie! Wonderful presentation! Great seeing you.

Lori ann said...

oh dear i hope you find those gorgeous mitts! CUTE pom poms and i would give anything to be there for your class, love your photography gale.