Monday, November 12, 2012

some class

I mean that in the same way that Charlotte said "some pig".

photo 3  
Many thanks to our fabulous model for the day, Jessie.
Holding a Photography for Knitters Workshop day at an historic schoolhouse in Needham Massachusetts makes for some great photo settings.   
helping Having clever & talented students in the class, makes for fun ideas.

Caps for sale anyone? Seriously, these hats by Kathy Zola are for sale, on her soon-to-be-open etsy site. She has the pattern up on Ravelry for free--although if you look at these, you quickly realize the pattern is more of a blueprint and she makes all sorts of added textures and stitches on each hat she creates.

groupose The whole gang. Many thanks to Elissa's Creative Warehouse  for hosting the class. That's Elissa and one of her Kuku Dolls , on the far right.  Afterwards, I met Maryse at the shop and  we found ourselves staying for Saturday Night Knit Club. We didn't mean to,  we were powerless to resist the warm welcome , combined with the plentiful yarn fumes.  So we  plunked down knitting.  If you've never been to Elissa's shop, you need to go. She's got an amazing selection, nice staff  and some crazy fun projects going on.

photo 3 Rules for the day.

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Want me to teach a workshop near you?  Shoot me an email and I'll see if I can find a guild or shop that would like to sponsor me. 


Jan said...

Wow, what a beautiful building to shoot against. It really shows off the fiber goods!

Gale, I would totally like to take a refresher workshop from you if you ever come close to Oberlin, OH, which may be too small, but is a picturesque small town in a midwestern way. Nearby Cleveland has a number of LYSes and guilds. What's even better, though, is the Great Lakes Fiber Fest in Wooster, OH, every Memorial weekend. Sheep! Goats! Alpacas! Angora bunnies! Ohio State Ag commentary on the animals! Funnel cakes! Who could ask for more? They run quite a few workshops during the fest and have lots of the best vendors from all over the midwest through the east coast. Not quite Rhinebeck or Maryland, but still a biggish event.

twinsetellen said...

I came for the blog post and stayed for the comment. Great Lakes Fiber Fest? Wow, I gotta check that out.

Your class model was quite the good sport!

kt said...

Come to Washington! Come to Washington! Please???