Friday, May 08, 2009


This establishment was at the end of the road where I was working in southern Pennsylvania on Wednesday.
0509FamVAr_104 I mentioned to a local that I was crazy about it, she told me to go to the next town over, to see this:
Bedford pennsyvania businesses and buildings
I was disappointed that it's only there to preserve a bit of history, no longer serving coffee.Bedford pennsyvania businesses and buildings
Back home, I finished up the Gaia Neck warmer, using in total a half skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock,0509FamVAr_154
you'll need to see it in person to appreciate the colors.
It's just the size I needed it to be, and I love everything about it--except, you know what? It doesn't need any embellishment.Plenty going on here.0509FamVAr_137
So my plan to knit it just to attach and show off seaglass bits went out the window. 0509FamVAr_153
If you see me at NH Sheep & Wool tomorrow, Saturday, you'll see it in action. The seaglass bits'll be there too. Separately. Too much is just too much.
My next plan is to knit some beautiful , simple, gray alpaca yarn and let the seaglass do its thing on the endds, like my favorite RazorShell scarf.

PS. I can't rave enough about the Gaia pattern. You do a row of eyelets whenever you think the colors are shifting. So. much. fun.


Ellen Bloom said...

OK. We already know the scarf is great. I'm queueing it myself.

The ice cream sundae building and the Coffee Pot are called roadside "vernacular" architecture. We HAD a lot of it in Los Angeles. There's a book called "California Crazy" by our friend Jim Heimann that has tons of great photos of these buildings, including The Coffee Pot!!! Thanks for taking photos of these iconic structures!

Carole Knits said...

Love that scarf!

Jodi said...

The Coffee Pot is AMAZING!!! I can't believe it's no longer serving coffee. What a find.

Gaia turned out just beautifully -- nice, warm, earthy colors.

Rooie said...

If you had been outside Lancaster PA, you could have seen the Shoe House...a house shaped, yes, like a high-topped shoe.

Love Gaia but I also love beads (and your seaglass). Did you consider just putting a little (short) dangle of a few beads ending with the seaglass at each corner?

Kelly said...

Saw it in person this morning - yup, it's beautiful. Hi again, Gale!

gayle said...

I saw it, too! And it is truly fabulous. Wish I had known what it was when I saw it, I would have looked even closer.
But I was just generally so pleased to meet you that I forgot to say how much I admired it!

cindy said...

Great to meet you at NHSWF today. I'm the woman who admired your scarf and your glass buttons.I am looking forward to knitting Gaia soon.

Turtle said...

gaia looks great! i too love those old retro buildings! we have one not far called the monkey bar. it's shaped like a coffee pot and has a monkey mural on the side of it...they used to have live monkeys inside.

Mary Lou said...

i love those roadside attractions. The big disappointment of my honeymoon was not being able to get a room in the concrete wigwams on Route 66. It was prom night and they were all booked!

What about a bit of seaglass dangle on the corners as Rooie suggested?

Christy on the Craggy Moor said...

I love those old buildings! And what a cool scarf idea. Sea glass would give great appeal to the beautifully colored yarn. The textures together are lovely.

Manise said...

So nice meeting you on Saturday! Love the scarf too.

twinsetellen said...

I love the scarf just as it is. The sea glass will find the perfect home elsewhere, I'm sure.