Tuesday, May 19, 2009

seat for one. again.

GZUCKERps269_009That was in Brooklyn last week.

Today I'm in Miami , a photo shoot tomorrow , and a zip back up north. Work had been quiet, which means lots of me being at the home office. This month kicked in, with me somewhere different every week. Just me , a hotel room, and time to kill for a few hours around the actual photo shoots.
But I never mind when it's Miami Beach. That's what went through my mind when I read Carole's Ten earlier. I was trying to mentally make my list but I got fixated on Miami. Even on an overcast and stormy day like today, I love being here. I can entertain myself quite happily: I hit the beach, I hang out in the North Beach neighborhood, at the south american cafes or bakeries and make believe I'm in another country.I swim at the hotel pool. I am easy to please.

I'd planned to walk around and photograph some of the juiciness but the weather didn't cooperate.
I'd also planned to get lots of knitting done on my Airy Cardigan but my level of goofiness from flying (er, I mean, what I do to avoid my goofiness) made it hard for me to be sure I could keep the floaty mohair on the shiny Knitpicks needles.
Fortunately the yarn followed me into my room, so as soon as I get this blogging done, there may be a some knitting before I conk out for the night. Seriously isn't that funny? After I made that last photo, I went back into my room, and noticed yarn stretching from the knitting bag. I opened the door and there it was, just getting ready to knock.


Carole Knits said...

I like Miami a lot, too, should have put it on my list!

Cathy R said...

"It followed me home, can I keep it?"

The Miami beach shot is fantastic!

Ellen Bloom said...

Ooooo...Miami! I just LOVE Calle Ocho. Your shot of the Lifeguard shack at the beach is great....those intense colors!! LOVE Miami. Brooklyn's not too bad either...lots to see and do there.

Don't worry about knitting! You can always do that on the plane and at home. Take some more exotic shots! We're starving for 'em.

Cookie said...

Thank goodness it didn't go far.

I love that beach photo. Almost makes me want to go. Almost.


Mary Lou said...

I love the beach shot. Once I was in Miami for work in September and spent a cloudy on and off drizzle Sunday morning on the beach. I'm sure the natives thought i was crazy for swimming but the water was warm and I live in Minnesota.

craftivore said...

Good thing the yarn had a leash! I love the photo of the life guard shack, it's so rich.

gayle said...

Love that stormy beach shot.
Poor little lonesome ball of yarn. I hope it doesn't develop abandonment issues...