Monday, May 11, 2009

silver linings

While having a wicked good* day at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool on Saturday, I became aware I left everyone hanging on the outcome of my Dream Assignment. The fabulous news was you helped make me a finalist, in 24 hours. But, I'm not the winner chosen by the granting panel. Not even one of two runners up.
t's not so bad. The process of vote getting was amazing. It truly brought home the sense of community, values and committed brilliance of the knitting/fiber world. I reconnected with folks as disparate as knitters-you've -heard-of, knitters I'm lucky enough to be friends with, knitters who just jump in when they can help out an idea that sound interesting to them, the guy who lived next door in my freshman dorm (last seen at a Springsteen concert in the late 70's, I think of him with neck veins bulging, yelling " bruuuuuuuuce"), an art director friend who's now a bona fide star in the comic strip/ graphic novel world and discovering which friends are nutty enough to stay up past midnight emailing and calling me in the closing minutes, while threatening violence to the competition. I am attached at the hooves hip now to wonderful folks at Heifer. Through another photographer, I heard about and applied for a smaller grant.
So, back to crossed fingers.
This not from the festival, it's another Pennsylvania roadside sighting.

Anyways, in NH, I had so much fun meeting or reuniting with..well, just go over to Norma's links, I think she did it up. Got to meet Kelly, who I've been reading/exchanging emails with for ages, and I even photographed some socks she test knit for Mason Dixon Outside the Lines (she knew Ann in college , so now I know all the dirt. Ooooh, power!).
My ride home from the festival was in a rainstorm of such biblical proportions , I was wondering if I should have taken a pair each of alpaca, sheep, goats and Chris' bunnies to stow in my car. Exhausting but so glad it waited till the day was over. New Hampshire is a charmer of a festival.

I've got some knitting to show and blab about but I'll save that for a mid week post. Too bad because it goes well with the title, it'll have to be silver lining 2. I'm on the road again- this time Brooklyn NY .

* this modified adjective combo brought to you by seeing Carole & Dale again. mwah & mwah


Bullwinkle said...

Thanks for the update. Sorry about the big grant but keeping my fingers crossed for the smaller one.

Love the faces ;)

Carole Knits said...

It was wonderful to see you! I'm hoping you get another assignment up our way again soon.
And my fingers are crossed for that other grant. Go Gale!

gayle said...

It was so wonderful meeting you!
Sorry about the grant - you so should have gotten it. Fingers crossed for the other one!
I drove through that downpour, too - water just bucketing down!

Mary Lou said...

I thought of you yesterday. I went to the opening of a photography exhibit on homeless veterans. It was a small show, but the work was powerful. Keeping my needles crossed for the new grant project. Maybe we can still figure out some Heifer project to do together, it would be fun.

kat coyle said...

ah well, thanks for the update and the photos of sad and happy faced plates.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you didn't win (you really deserved it!), but I'll cross my fingers for the other opportunity!

Cookie said...

Yeah, but did you get pulled over by the cops on the way home? ;^)

Fingers crossed!

p2sso said...

Thanks for the faces, they made me smile. Good luck with the grant.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's such a bummer about the big grant...but I've definitely got my fingers crossed for you on the smaller one!