Wednesday, May 13, 2009

later in the week

I spent the last two nights in an oh-so-chic boutique hotel where NOTHING WORKED including the internet. It'd connect for spurts of 3 minutes once every ten hours, not very conducive to blog posting or sanity of any kind. I'm back in my not-so-chic home where at least I can get on the information highway, I bring you some knitting.0509FamVAr_185
Sweater 5 in the dodecathalon , is moving along fuzzily in Sublime Kid Mohair (well named!). The color is Mouse (also well named). It's the Airy Cardigan. I know, you are looking at the fuzzy/fussy pink pattern and thinking, "really? why ??" . Don't judge! I saw a woman at a local yarn store wearing one she knit in a putty kind of non-color, with mismatched antique buttons. It was so wonderful and not femmy-fussy at all. I am planning sea glass buttons, and I am not doing the texture in the body of it, just plain stockinette.
A set of five single drilled seaglass pieces didn't sell in New Hampshire. I took all your advices and put them on the corners of the Gaia neck warmer, so when I wrap them around they hang in front on either side of the point. They're attached on short crocheted chains, I was going to trim the extra yarn ends from sewing them on but am leaving them as added tassels, hanging with the seaglass . Keep in mind this is all of 1 inch long, nothing too wild. It was just the right touch. Very happy these didn't sell!
In more Noro silver lining news, my 18 yo son, back home for a few months, had a ranting meltdown while I was driving him around looking for a job a couple of weeks ago, poor guy. Really, what are your parents for anyway? In a sign of hope for eventual maturity for all teenage sons, he apologized twice later that night and then, get this, actually went into a yarn store of his own volition the next day , and bought me this skein of Noro Silk Garden Chunky to let me know how truly contrite he was. I am thinking of using the Gaia pattern stitch, which is naturally corrugated and has a row of eyelets whenever you think the colors are changing, to knit a cowl with this. PS. after much searching he found what should be a good job for the duration, and even though he is almost always out, it is nice having him around again.
Wait there's more!
Before I left for 3 days, Meg McG did a drive by shooting (for real) with the Afghan for Afghans she sewed together. Is it not beautiful? Is it not odd that all the squares she received went together so well? 0509FamVAr_194 In a world of random squares, there is my friend Mary Lou's square of Minnesota malabrigo, in my front yard.
And this one, I just love, is by Laura. Embroidery on Silk Garden. Another for the to-do list.


Mary Lou said...

That is wild - I had no idea when i responded to the Ravelry request for squares that it would end up in your yard! See, we are meant to be friends. And the sea glass bits are the Gaia are perfect.

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful blanket, but it's going to Afghanistan, right? So why the Christian symbol?

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

The dove's for peace, not for any one religion , in this case embroidered by a Nice Jewish Girl with a hippie heart. That is surely the beauty of a group afghan.

Carole Knits said...

I was tempted by those sea glass buttons but I think they look great on your scarf.
He apologized with yarn? You've raised him right!

Baby Beth said...

Make sure your son never dates a knitter or else all his apology yarn will go to her!!

gayle said...

That cardigan in the pink *is* a little heavy on the frou... But I can picture it in a more neutral color. It could be the perfect light cardy for spring/fall.
Love the tinkly bits on the shawl - perfect!

Anonymous said...

Aww, he sounds like a really good kid!

Rooie said...

I like the cardigan, even in the pink, but I like it even more in your grey. I'd like to see it in celadon.

Love the dangly glass on Gaia. Perfect.

And good for the kid getting a job...and buying you yarn!

Kay said...

I was a little disappointed when you had decided not to put seaglass on your neckerchief--very relieved that you thought better of it! Dangle away!

That afghan is marvelous. It seems sometimes like we all love the same yarns. Embroidering on Noro is mindblowing. Who'dathunkit?

xoxoxo Kay