Monday, September 08, 2008

straight to the (knitter's) heart


and for those looking for the knitting blog, carry on (little tech problem over at the professional site & google this week )
True conversation last Friday noon, over eggs, grits & homefries at a Miami diner . We are doing the freshman dorm move-in day. There is a declared emergency due to impending hurricane for the region. It's as if the increasingly agitated meteorologists have made my inner emotional state the weather news.
me: so, did you pack any of those squoosh hats I knit for you?
him: yeah...I did.
me: you did? (that's a surprise, haven't seen him wearing one in ages, they were important to his 15/16 year old self, vintage photo evidence)
him: well, just one, it's pretty raggedy and stretched out now......

me: awwww.
Inside I do a backflip and tapdance on the table . He's got a knit from me with him. He chose to bring it.
Unable to join the clean plate club, we pay bill and leave. We head for St*ples. The hurricane heads for Cuba.


Carole Knits said...

That's sweet that he brought the hat - he probably won't get many opportunities to wear it in Miami. Glad you dodged the hurricane!

Cookie said...


Kay said...

It's like a stealth blankie.

(If he reads here, feel free to delete that.)

xo Kay