Friday, June 13, 2008

oh! Ohio

The good thing about taking almost a week to post about being at TNNA is it has already been super covered .

I spent my 36 hours there saying dorky things like" You're Nicky Epstein? I love your books. You're Jillian Moreno? I love your books! You're Bonne Marie? I love your designs! You're Clara Parkes? I love your..... you what? you love my book? pop! tinkling glass sound.

That was the me plotzing, while dropping the sauvignon blanc in my hand.

Columbus itself was geometric. And hot. When the yarn overload on the trade show floor got to me, I took me a superheated hike to the German Village neighborhood,0608GZucker_0779 charming in a way the rest of downtown, um, is less so. Hot tip- the Book Loft in that neighborhood has a huge selection of knitting books and a splendid shady courtyard garden. It'd be my hangout of choice, with stiff competition from the friendly coffee shop next door if I lived in the 'hood.

Meeting talented designers/writers /bloggers/knit cartoonists/knit world entrepeneurs was too fun. Tagging along with MaryLou and her Yarnery posse was great , and not just because they introduced me to Jeni's ice cream (gravel road is salty caramel ice cream with smoked nuts, and a side scoop of chocolate cocoa gelato. need I say more? I thought not). And I just discovered through that link you can order it online? Brilliant.

May we speak of my knitting? 0608GZucker_0804I am in love with the Lace Ribbon pattern. In my altered flying state I messed it up badly enough to rip out a 30 row start and begin anew. But now? Blissfully proceeding , full lace mojo on high.


cosymakes said...

i can't believe we missed you again!! flo wanted to see if you had any more tattoos :)

Carole Knits said...

I'm glad you had a great time and your book IS wonderful so you deserve every bit of adoration you got.

twinsetellen said...

Thanks for the shots of Columbus. I lived there for years, both as a college student and later as a wife, mother, and, uh, college student (graduate, this time). You are so right about the charm of German Village. The front yards are about 3 square yards, but they are 3 sq yds of perfection.

I am drooling weekly over your book at the bookstore and if no one gets it for me for my birthday, it will be a gift to myself. The question is, can I wait a month?

Finally - your photos finally helped me understand why so many knitters are loving Lace Ribbon. Nice shots! (though somewhat enabling of an even more serious queuing habit)

Mary Lou said...

I will not order ice cream, I will not order ice cream, I will.... I never made it to German Village. Next year in Columbus, the new prayer of knitters?

Tamara said...

Help! I'm surrounded by people knitting lace--either in real or virtual life! The peer pressure is getting to me!