Saturday, March 18, 2006

seeing green (and pink)

peopleWith a piccolo playing nephew in the NYC St. Pat's parade, we had to be there.

It was worth the train ride for the company of the crowd.

And, also for the train knitting. The good part about Kidsilk Haze is it is so tiny when flattened.people
The bad thing is its so tiny when flattened.
This little tube scarf in progress has gone missing and reappeared, so far, in the bottom of a camera bag, stuck between the sofa cushions and under books in a tote bag. Luckily it surfaced in time to get some inch-age enroute.


kt said...

Love the St. Pat's folks! And kudos to the nephew--for my money, taking part in the NY St. Pat's Parade would even top the Rose Bowl Parade. I've only ever marched in the Yuma Jaycee's Rodeo Parade, but it was fun nonetheless.

Carole said...

Great parade shots - those people really get into the spirit of the day!

Wool Winder said...

Fun pictures! I'm trying to figure out why that one guy is wearing a teapot around his neck. Am I missing a connection of some kind with St. Patrick's Day? Probably just the craziest thing he could come up with.