Monday, March 27, 2006

good things

......come in Swedish packages
which around here usually means something from Ikea , with a name like Ooglurp and inscrutable diagrams involving an allen wrench.
Not this time.swe2
This time I was the high bidder on an item I've been vying for, losingly, for months. All the way from Sweden, and it arrived in a way befitting its name. So satisying.

Also, good things from KnitPicks: Shine Worsted arrived. I was expecting Terracotta to be less rosy. good163 Seen here lounging on the rust colored pullover that's cleverly hiding any progress no matter how many rounds I add. I suspect its planning an April Fools joke on me, so that April 1 it'll suddenly be ready to split for the armholes. I'm playing along.

Once left to its own devices, the Terracotta next to Shine Worsted in Cream went back to the color scheme I'd thought I'd ordered gooodthing2 and anyways, for the price this is amazing yarn. Not really shiny at all, very soft, no rough cotton burn, no squeak on the needles. I could see a summer Ribby Cardi out of this.

Here it is, the last hat of the chilly season, goodth181modeled by a head sized 'lope. Not that I'm calling my son a melonhead but it was a good stand in. This is the 13th adult sized hat I've made since October. I think I'm ready to move on.
I'd wear it inside out if it were mine.good179


Helen said...

You are braver than I to think about doing a Ribby Cardi in cotton. All I can think of is the one item I made using cotton; I cry when I think about it.

But I'll be working on a RC in wool. The yarn should arrive this week. Want to work together on it?

kt said...

The swift is so elegant!

The hat alluring!

And I agree, I like the insides of lots of things I've knit nearly better than the outsides.

(That sentence brings to mind the old Groucho Marx line about a dog and a book, which I tried in vain to explain to my girlie last weekend. Never try to explain a joke.)

Wool Winder said...

Love the swift! And, I really need to try some yarn from Knitpicks.

Birdsong said...

Wow, a Swedish swift! I am intrigued, as the one I got on Ebay last year, though lovely wood all handturned and neatly pegged, has a tendency to blast apart if my ball winder gets going too fast. I am only a trifle disappointed about the pink mohair, especially since reading your rave review of the Shine.