Thursday, March 16, 2006

marching on

If February needed avenging, March get going. I'm impatient for spring, for finishing up work that's taking me too long and to see the Saddle Seam Pullover move along. I guess I haven't been knitting as much as I think because after a week, here's where I am. 06saddle Although this yarn doesn't make the texture pop as much as it does on my glassblower friend, I'm still liking it. In person, it looks pretty decent. Or as Nona says, I'm having an MCS. The color fyi is Ferrous Red, which cracks me up, its just a foo-foo way of saying rust.

Here's a clue as to what's been going on.columns Its a Big Project. Even though I won't do the project (you scoff? go visit a 6th grade on the day they bring in the projects and you will see some serious parent takeover) I am on call. In my capacity as Design Consultant ("should I glue it here? or here? or here?or here?or here? wait..where did I put it first? Here? or here? or...."), IT Support ("Mommmm!! The printer won't print!") and Most Likely to Make a Last Minute Trip to the Store for Poster Board and White-Out. On the upside: I've fully refreshed my knowledge of the three orders of Greek columns, as well as where we stashed the best flowing Elmers glue bottle.

I made a little Knitpicks order because my older, non-project-ing son requested a new hat- and I can't resist another hat. So when a package notice appeared in my mailbox I expected the puffy envelope of yarn but found these from my mom hamen A shoebox full of home baked Hamentaschen for Purim, a little festival we celebrated this week. They're fruit filled pastries that (depending on where in the world you eat 'em) are the villain of the story's hat (Hamentaschen, I know it means Haman's Pockets but we say its his hat) or his ears (Oznay Haman) but either way: yum. Guess what I had for lunch yesterday?

My plan for today: no sugar. No ear/hat/pocket snacking. No use of the words Ionic, Doric or Corinthian. And cling to the silly belief that it won't snow tomorrow if I think hard enough against it.


Dianna said...

You left out that the last minute trip for glue or posterboard or.... will happen after 10:00 pm the night before the project is due.... (Can't tell I have four kids, can you?)

Wool Winder said...

Those pastries look good! What kind of fruit filling are in them?

Anonymous said...

MMmmmissed the hamentaschen this year. I could just scarf those all day long. Poppyseed. Apricot. Ferrous red. No way am I ready for 6th grade. I wonder, do the teachers have separate grading scales for the obviously-assisted and the solo-kid projects? xxo Kay