Monday, July 04, 2005


On the upside, the Knitting Spirits sent me everything I asked for - and more. Thanks for your birthday wishes, the new subscribers, and for the knitting presents from my sisters. I received Stephanie's book. I'm linking to her main blog today, because her description of the glory of a home office while your older children are on summer break so totally mirrors my life. Right down to the throbbing vein. Except I shout "ass" when I get crazed and loud, not "arse".

At least I spend some of my working days on location shooting. Like tomorrow! Special bonus that tomorrow's photography involves an artist and an improbable knitting installation, at Mass MoCA. As vivid as my imagination is, I can't quite grasp how this works.

But enough about art, back to me and my birthday gifts. My sisters also ordered a beautiful custom made needle case from Crippenworks. Sister Lulu had noticed me pawing the merch longingly at the Ct Sheep Show. They had a large case- straights & circs & dp's-oh my!- made from vintage 40's floral upholstery & antique button closures. Could not suit me more. And as for a wool sale magically appearing, Lauren reminded me of a LYS that has a great July sale, so I'm ready & patterned up, waiting for it to start.

Point: while watching all of Godfather 1 & 2 last week, I made an offer you couldn't refuse finished knitting my stretchy green cable tank. Counterpoint: I can't show it. The camera is broken & in repair. I'll sew it (the tank, not the camera) and give it a blocking attempt( again, the tank). Can you block cotton with spandex? Maybe the camera will be back by then. I need to rent one to work tomorrow. Thats a definite downside. Except, I get to test a new model, so I guess that's good, if a bit nerve wracking.

Next upside,the joys of deciding what to knit next, and knitting gifts to start & (downside) finish before August ends. Its all about balance, right?


Anonymous said...

I really want to see how these massive needles are going to make a flag. I don't quite get it.

Happy birthday, again!

Chris said...

Cotton & Spandex . . . my only experience with this was when I washed my Broadripple socks. I put them in the washing machine, but let them air dry, and they were stiff as boards at first (until I wore them). Other than that, I dunno!

Tracy Batchelder said...

A photographer without her camera... you must feel lost. Hope it's fixed soon.