Sunday, July 17, 2005

this week the knitting spirits....

Smiled when they placed me at a primo legal parking spot in Boston, directly in front of Newbury Yarns with one hour to spare before a tedious job would begin a block away. Obviously a collaboration with the Parking Spot spirits, this is a biggie.

Ignore the snooty address, the owner is so friendly, the yarn choices really good and no pricier than elsewhere. Some sale baskets, too. She guided me to thisbaby1 Jaeger Baby Merino. I wanted pink, soft, and washable, for a neighbor baby arriving soon. I am apparently incapable of choosing a color when I can get a colorway instead. Despite liking a solid color knit. Variegated: the yarn of the terminally indecisive.

Winkedwhen my joy in how quickly one can knit a baby cardigan -those little short bodies! those little stubby arms! - was tempered by realizing I was done with sleeves and had only inches of yarn left. Thats right, not enough for a baby neckband. Thats close.baby2
I ripped back and shortened the sleeves by a half-inch, repeating the little stubby arm mantra, and hoping to just squeak by. I love working this yarn.

Nodded with a 20% yarn sale nearby,to be followed by good knitting time later this week on a train to Washington for work. (Another new yarn store to me, another friendly owner and great variety. I'm on a roll.)
Train knitting is the perfect time to make something I need to pay attention to- unlike car knitting, noone will ask me to check a map, look for a sign, switch the radio or other demands that makeme forget if its a YO, PSSO or K2T next.
I decided on a Kiri shawl for sister Marla's birthday. She loves pink, I'm loving pink wool, we both love shawls. I uncharacteristically swatched some pink mohair I had here and found it too heavy and 70's afghan-ish in the lace stitch. I headed out looking for something light & less hairy than a Kidsilk Haze - one lurch of the trian and I'd be cussing and dropping stitches in it- and determined this time to get a solid color yarn.
I fell in love with one skein left of Cherry Tree Hill merino supersock laceweight. Soft! Flowy ! Washable! What colors! Variegated !

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Anonymous said...

Oooooooooh. And I normally don't like variegated yarn, but that laceweight is downright gorgeous.