Saturday, July 09, 2005

thinking outside...of everything

Sometimes life intersects art in the most perfect way. Take a look at who I was working with this week, at Mass MoCAUntitled people
This guy really knits. I know you want to see close ups:people
people Do you love the attention to detail? Do you hate when your needles bend from the weight of a heavy knit, too?people It took 3 months to plan and two days to knit the flag, over July 4th weekend. It'll be in the courtyard till July 11th so you better hurry, or if you visit this summer, you can see a video of the action. He said it was actually reverse stockinette, with two excavators moving the 25 foot needles and the artist on a cherry picker platform, helping the loops over the needle points.

There's also a display of his piece The Evolution of Knitting in Wartime. He created the needles and coordinated cases that'd be issued to soldiers in all past US Wars, as if knitting was the weaponry they took to battle. Complete with ageing and descriptions of materials. Its too cool. I had a little moment where I thought it was real. I think my mouth gaped. people I hated to leave. But go see for yourself, its worth the drive. A place that celebrates those of us who use more than a teaspoon of brain, and ask "what if.....?". And then do it.

people Faithfully submitted by one who uses just barely a teaspoon herself ,and thats only on good days.


Wool Winder said...

That's amazing!

Martha said...

Wow! Thanks for the link to Dave Cole's site.

This is my first visit to your really intersting site. I'll be back often.