Monday, June 27, 2005

burnt offering, maybe?

hammchairO Wild & Wooly Knitting Spirit,

I beseech thee, accept my humble apologies. I cannot make the offerings of my time as I give so willingly in colder weather. May it please you that my warm weather activities involve getting my tush off a seat and using my hands to do things that leave no room for pointy sticks? Verily I have sat and knitted all winter on Sunday mornings while drinking coffee. And many evenings while watching movies. And other times that you may have toted on your cosmic stitch counter (or do you forget to turn the little wheel every few rows, too?).

I have served up knitting happy hours to increase your minions. While snow fell, I have sacrificed the hours, nay, the days looking at yarn on ebay, reading knit blogs till my eyes crossed and my fingers began a Clapotis of their own will.

But now the sun warms us and my hands are holding kayak paddles, or bicycle handles, or weeds, or sculling water. The yarn grows gritty with beach sand. Though I try to knit in a wet bathing suit, it pleaseth neither of us. May it please you that accordingly, my body switcheth from bulky to sportweight? No, I thought you care not about that one.

Rewardeth my cool weather allegiance with knowledge of a good yarn sale now, so I may plan for a return, via luxurious wool purchase, to your flock of the faithful. And, as long as you're at it- send me one more blogline subscriber, so I can round subscribers up to 30 by my birthday this Friday. Lo the subscribers total is verily less than my years, but it'd sootheth my ego when looking at stats.


Lauren said...

Happy Birthday! Is this sale that you speak of at the Yarn Barn? Their summer sales are always fabulous.

Wool Winder said...

It's okay to take a break now and then. Enjoy your summer!

Lee Ann said...

I'm dying laughing (she of the guilty cotton, i.e. Not Of The Wool, poncho said with her head hung semi-low...) and I'm subscribing...happy birthday, Gale :-)

Juno said...

That was very, very funny.

Thank you and happy birthday.