Thursday, June 09, 2005

green thing

What is it about this time of year? Just when the weather screams "Go to the beach!" I'm overloaded with stuff: meetings (professional, community, name it, its having a meeting this week), jobs & end-of-school and general life goings-on. Knitting & gardening, well... not so much progress. Here at chez sheep shots this seasonal transition time is never easy.

In all this busy-ness I realized something. I will knit wherever, no second thoughts, in anonymous public. Since I travel to locations (mostly by car, for the day) for my work I often take the knitting bag along in case I get to my destination early, or end up at a lunch break in a restaurant alone. Strangers around? No problem. But I don't like to knit at meetings of groups I belong to, unless its a very small group & everyone knows me well. Its like some weird shyness seizes me.

So, lets just say if I got over this, I'd have logged enough knitting time recently to have made some real progress in my green cabled tank, which I'm shaping a little so it won't be baggy on me. But I haven't , so I didn't. Instead of the ribbon yarn the pattern calls for I'm using the Classic Elite Star green1 which isn't all that appealing as a skein. Its 99% cotton and 1 % spandex. You'd be surprised how stretchy 1% makes it. It knits into a nice soft cottony boucle, like this:

Twice recently strangers have commented that they liked the color, both times telling me "Its the hot color this summer!" which I'm sure is a compliment. Instead they saw fear in my eyes when I made a grimace-y smile to thank them. Panic. I'm not that up on things! Too much fashion pressure!


Jan said...

I just saw a swatch of your yarn knitted up at my LYS. You're right...I would've walked by the skein, but knitted up it makes a very appealing fabric. Looking forward to seeing your finished project!

Ann said...

Very cool looking, and cool in general.

People always ask me how I find time to knit, and I tell them that five minutes here and there adds up like crazy. That's why I started knitting in the first place--it was the easiest way to fill time waiting for children. A book isn't so easy to dip into for five minutes. A sweater? EZ greezee!