Wednesday, June 15, 2005

how hot was it?

Too hot. We who live on the shore take pride in being cold at night well into July. We act humble about cool breezes while others sweat just a couple of miles away inland. We keep a poker face at discussions of central air conditioners or really efficient fans. We don't need such things. And we try not to brag about it.

Think again this week. It was hotter than all of last summer. It was too hot to eat. It was too hot to knit. That hot.

You couldn't have found a crankier bunch than in our sticky abode. Not even a breeze on the beach last night, till the cold came in and chilled us all back to (our version of) normal. In an amazing science discovery, I opened the bread drawer this morning and found a loaf so molded from the past days' heat & humidity that it was actually fermenting. It was generating heat. The whole drawer was 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the room. Eeeeuw. Can we lay off the fossil fuels and heat with bread mold? Grant money anyone?

In knitting news- or non-knitting news- Saturday was World KIP day. New Haven this time of year is one happenin' place.
060506artsideasfam113I was on the Green for the big drumming events as part of the Arts & Ideas Festival, with plans to swing over to the Harborfest and then to visit the local KIP'ers a few blocks away. But between the dancing precision drum corps, the salsa dancers, the african djembes, those huge Japanese drums, and the costumes, we never saw a knitter. 060506artsideasfam074


Hunny said...

Wow great Pictures! You made New Haven look better!!

Wool Winder said...

It's hot here too. But, it's supposed to be hot in Texas. And, everyone here has air conditioning. Sounds like it was too hot to KIP.