Monday, November 21, 2011

whirlwind weekend

Determined to stick with my format, I'm popping by to report that my last 4 days in Minneapolis have been flawless. If you don't count weather.
location photography
Malika, the makeup artist/stylist extraordinaire working her magic
I came to Minneapolis for a photo shoot, which took up 3 of 5 days, it was  one of those projects that didn't really feel like work, even though we were cranking the whole time. Love these clients. And my friend TwinSet Ellen made her photo assisting debut.
She is a woman of many talents--these are the props she procured when we rejected apples, bananas, oranges, pinecones, snowballs and coffee mugs as possible objets on a tabletop in a set up. 
I got to hang out at The Yarnery for a booksigning and some knitting on Thursday night, visited with in-laws and old friends, had some local beer, finished a sweater, unraveled most of a sweater. I can't talk about that now. Literally. I discovered whiskey in tea with honey and lemon is good, as well as good for laryngitis....


Mary Lou said...

Laryngitis? Oh no - we must have made you talk too much. Or was it all that yelling at us to behave? If you didn't get a Bulldog t-shirt, let me know and I'll pick one up. The St Paul Bulldog is near my office.

gayle said...

Hope the unraveled sweater was a different one than the finished one...
It makes me smile that your job is doing something you love. Lucky lucky you!

twinsetellen said...

I am sorry to hear the voice is (was?) gone. However, the remedy sounds pretty tasty on this cold, rank November day. I don't have laryngitis, but may decide to indulge in a bit of that this afternoon anyway!

It was great fun to provide some manner of assistance. Thanks for letting me tag along.