Sunday, November 06, 2011

whatever weekend: adoption month

Whatever weekend is the third in my new resolve to blog more predictably, along with Photo Heavy Monday and Wip It Wednesday.  I figured having the option of a Friday,  Saturday or Sunday post, on any damn topic I felt like, might not be too rigid.
So, while I usually blather on about knitting, or craft activism, or making stuff in general, today we're going to talk about adoption, since November is National Adoption Month.
I was looking for a baby photo but came across this one of Gabe from '99 or 2000. It's so...prophetic!. And hey! this isn't a fake vintage film looking  app downloaded for $1.99. It is film, plus a clunky scanner back then.
Maybe I'm feeling especially tender this season. My sons  turned 21 and 18, as of a couple days ago, ages I thought would mean All Grown Up. They are and then again, they definitely aren't. (You parent with kids this age, know what I mean? The rest of you with little kids.....oh never mind.). What a crazy wild ride parenthood is, and I've never regretted buckling in for it.
I was considering offering some words of wisdom from this vantage point but I'm not sure I have any.  We all just make it up as we go along--whether we are parents by biology or adoption: nature and nurture both matter.
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Guinifer said...

Mine are 19 and 15. I had hoped we'd be a little further along by 19, but we just keep working at it.

Anonymous said...

My four range in age from 28 to 37. Ah, parenthood. It never ends until you do.

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

Beautiful post.

twinsetellen said...

Parenthood - the first forty years are the hardest.

lulubird said...

That was beautifully and thoughtfull said. Thanks.My life is richer with those two in it as well. And we all seem to be TALL ENOUGH FOR THE CHAOS.