Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3 unexpected

#1 Fiber College was not at a college. Astrig, the artful soul who started it 5 years ago, uses the less popular definition of the word,: a. A body of persons having a common purpose or shared duties. It is at a spectacular 40 acre campground on Penobscot Bay, with gardens and art everywhere you turn. 
view of "my" teaching studio 
Ironically, Fiber Camp was held at MIT this year. Go figure. Balance.
#2 I  should have left time to take a class and to just hang out more. It was my first time, and I wasn't sure what to expect. Maybe a slightly ragtag joyful gathering, seeing as it was held way up in Maine and I was staying in a tent, I thought. Better plan to keep busy.   Nu-uh! It was super well organized, with Astrig & Steve's team setting up tables and chairs for me (hold it, I need to write that again for me), in advance. No rag, no tag. Many classses I would have liked ot be part of (Andean embellishments! Dyeing! Hooping!) There were volunteers helping,  and class lists, and most importantly, beautiful teaching spaces. The Artist in Residence, Mary Jane Mucklestone, even had an  canopied lounge area with sofas and a table and teapot so you could just go shmooze with her and bask in her talented but down to earth aura and have a friendly visit in her outdoor den. I needed more shmooze!
# 3 I know this one but I always forget: we craft for so many different reasons.  Sarah, a student in one of my classes, is a devotee of hyperbolic crochet and makes these organic pieces, mostly as conversation starters. She loves the connection of math and art that is going on, and she loves to have interesting conversations about it with strangers.  She found this Romanesco in the local market. We are convinced that the same math equations that allow the hyperbolic crochet to grow as it does also governs the veggie. (Can you tell I share her fascination if not dedication).
Working with different backgrounds in one of my classes. Love these gloves.


Carole Knits said...

It sounds idyllic! What a beautiful setting for sharing fiber love and learning.

Mary Lou said...

Next year in Maine!

Jan Cooper said...

Wish my tenure was at THAT kind of college. Well, maybe not really because I do like teaching writing. But Maine. And fiber. And Art everywhere. And your photography classes. I'm already planning my next sabbatical around this event. --Jan (jcoop on ravelry, twitter, etc.)

Kay said...

Praise the lord you're blogging again.

Time to make Rhinebeck plans? I'm definitely going.

twinsetellen said...

This sounds like one to add to my list! How wonderful you got to have the experience of teaching here.