Sunday, March 13, 2011

smarter by proximity

Photographing Your FO's class (taught by yours truly) Fiber Camp 2011
I'm pretty sure I have more brain power than I did yesterday morning. 047_GaleZucker0311FibrCp 
Saturday at Fiber Camp, this year at MIT. When I sat down in one of the classrooms, this is what was on the board. Do you love it? In the photo above, see  the lower right, in particular.
It seemed smaller than last year, but with a nice assortment of classes on the board Saturday. The MIT hallway of rooms was a different vibe than the big party feeling at last year's venue. This did not stop the spinners from settling in one bit. That's Guido Stein, Common Cod knitting community impressario on the left.
My class was full of awesome students (as usual). I mean truly, I am blessed with having a great group every single time. I taught a quickie 1 hour class.
We ditched the classroom in favor of a foyer, to work with light. I like teaching in the round for a demo rather than to a rows of seats.
Special thanks to my niece Ariana, who was shooting some footage for her senior project documentary film (Tufts 2011) nearby, so stopped in to see me. She wound up being the class model. For anyone who was there: this is a photo about her, not about the knitwear.
Knitting with beads class. I learned 3 ways to put beads into my knitting.
Until now, I only knew zero ways.
See? Smarter. Although just spending the day in a building with this kind of entrance grew me some new synapses. Or at least I felt that way.
Much thanks to the Common Cod Fiber Guild. Nice work !


Lisa/knitnzu said...

"until now I knew 0 ways" hahahaha. I only know the way to string the beads on the yarn, but I hear there's this fabulous thing with a crochet hook. Who knew?

livnletlrn said...

Yeah, we were there for a totally different reason, but it was still fun to see the yarnies in the hallways. I still sent my mom a pic of her grandkids as MIT students. Always fun to go do something new, somewhere new, with new friends.

Carole Knits said...

Sounds like fun - I wish I could have gone!

Cathy R said...

Gosh, that looks like fun!

I too, am smarter than I was on Friday. I took a Beginning Quilting class on Saturday.

The main thing I learned is to proofread all handouts because if you don't, you will be cursed with a student like Cathy who has to have everything make sense before she starts making the first cut.

It was a really fun day, though.

Cookie said...

Woo Hoo!

Looks and sounds like a wonderful time. Isn't that tiny crochet hook just amazing?


gayle said...

If you have a great group every single time, then I suspect it has something to do with the teacher... 8)

Mary Lou said...

Oh fiber at MIT - sounds like fun. I really need one of your two-day workshops. I did take some pictures over the weekend using a big piece of white foamcore to reflect the light and IT WORKED!

claquee said...

Yikes! 2 things I love to see in the same sentence:: yarn class, and MIT. Heavenly. Lovely photos. Merci Gayle!

Jen said...

Look look its me! (In that top photo) and my look of pure enjoyment is no act for the camera, your class was great!

Mom said...

Ooh, that was my blackboard addition! I wanted to leave something fun for the math geeks to ponder...

I'm so sorry I missed the class. I hope you can come back next year?

twinsetellen said...

I love the knitting equations left on the MIT blackboards.

And I love that MIT still uses blackboards!

Alanna Nelson said...

We were happy to see your session on the FiberCamp board again this year. I missed it last year, and was not going to let that happen again.

One hour was wonderful, but I am ready for more! Hopefully, you'll be teaching in the Boston area soon.

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

Looks like fun and looks like Ariana was going a little crazy, lol!