Sunday, March 14, 2010

random improvement sunday

step 1: Photographed, printed & collaged on cardboard around 1996.   An alternative to a straight landscape magazine assignment. Obviously influenced by the brilliant & popular David Hockney. Just as obviously not a successful solution to the assignment.
The magazine ran a really much better image I shot on medium format chrome film. I stashed this behind a bookcase and forgot about it until
step 2: I was moving the bookcase  in January.  Tossed it into the trash until
step 3: in one of the snowstorms, it blew out and landed beneath a trash can, where nature collaged the leaves,  and we locals embossed the footprints. Found last week when the snow melted.  I kind of like it now.
Last week was sort of lost around here, my oldest baby was home on break from college in Miami.  We all slacked off to enjoy the rare togetherness.
Which, because he is in culinary school and the weather was horrible, mostly involved eating. Hockneyized view of my guys outside our favorite sushi dive.
official disclaimers: That's a Hockneyized iphone photo. There is no such thing as randomly improved sunday, I just made it up. My older son doesn't really look like a little old man, he is freezing and wearing his leather jacket under an old parka. My younger son doesn't usually squint. I loved seeing them together for a few days. They were both anxious to get to the sushi. The restaurant looks nothing like the photo from its linked website, that is a hoot. It is in an old dry cleaning store, and the brick is painted with the words No Fading Odors.


Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

Hmmm random improvement or act of God? It is really beautiful now, I can see why it resonates with you. The iphone app is cool too,but a little bit clean. Maybe you should experiment with intentional collage/footprints/weather worn creations. (Oh, yeah, in your free time.) Wonderful visuals, thanks.

Ellen Bloom said...

Nature does wonderful things to art!!

I LOVE the photo collage of your sons. This one is frameable!

gayle said...

Love the collages.
Isn't it wonderful having all your children under one roof? It gets even more exciting when they get older and it happens less frequently...

Mary Lou said...

Is that an app? Cool. I like the slogan for the dive - order all you want, but eat all you order. Mom style rules.

Kay said...

No Fading Odors.

FINALLY the title for my memoir. Thanks!

I do not even understand it, at least not as an advertisement for a dry cleaner. Isn't it a good thing for the odors to fade?

And I have to mention that my verification word is "flingsod". Which might also be an app.