Sunday, March 28, 2010

funky old lady slippers*

Calexico in Carroll Gardens, and pocketbokk slippers
You know that phrase belle laide? The slippers, I mean, not the woman.
A last minute gift for my colorful friend, Carol.  They match the deep turquoise porch on her shrimp pink house. Inside, she has a vibrationally lime green kitchen. Carol's idea of a neutral is lemon yellow. Put in her  perspective, these are sedate.
Calexico in Carroll Gardens, and pocketbokk slippers 
shot really too late to get anything reasonably normal, at iso 1600
Periodically she asks me to knit her socks, and I tell her no.  Inspiration struck when I thought about her birthday gathering, with only a couple hours of knitting time ahead.
They're a version of Pocketbook Slippers. I always assumed the name meant you could slip them in your purse. But no.Turns out  the construction looks like a pocketbook. Look here, or on Ravelry here . Lots of people remembered to do what I didn't, and shot them flat.
I used  this pattern. Modified for bulky yarn and a womens size L foot.
yarn: Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Bulky, 1 skein (with plenty left). Intense turquoise.
needles: size us 8
gauge: about 3.5 stitches/ inch. Its not critical, these are multi-sized.
my modifications: cast on 3 stitches (instead of 5)
follow directions but stop doing the increases when you have 16 stitches (instead of 22). You could do 12 or 14 for smaller feet. These babies streeeeetch. Follow directions for construction, embellish with mismatched buttons.
notes: These might be less funky in a lighter weight yarn.  Next time I'll leave give the project  an extra 1/2 hour and do more careful embellishments, I could see more, smaller buttons. And some embroidery. Or  crocheted flowers. Can you tell associating with Ellen and Maryse is starting to rub off?

*  the slipper style, not the lady being gifted
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There's still  room.
1st Ever Photography for Knitters Weekend at Juniper Moon Farm May 15 & 16.


Vicki Knitorious said...

Adorable. I love the color and I think they'll be a nice complement to "neutral" lemon yellow!!

Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the design reference, Gale! LOVE those Pocketbook Slippers. I made some years ago and forgot all about that pattern. Thanks for reminding me!

Carole Knits said...

Those are great and I just know she will love them!

craftivore said...

Love the red buttons, they kick it up a notch. I have a friend whose idea of neutral is lime green, I call it Pat Green, they must be cut from the same mold.

Turtle said...

luv them, lol, great bright color!

Cristina said...

I can feel what those must be like on your feet--the sliding around on the wood floors. It's more fun than this old lady has had in too long.

The buttons are the punctum (Cf. Roland Barthes).

twinsetellen said...

You say, "These might be less funky in a lighter weight yarn." I ask, "Why would one want them less funky?"