Monday, December 28, 2009

post gifting scorecard

Two just completed, slightly damp hats in the sun as we load the car to drive to DC for festivities. Amazingly, did not drive away and forget them there.  2 points for us!
The brown is knit from Victory Ranch alpaca, I made up the pattern. Bro-in-law happy, I failed to get a photo of him wearing it. Deduct a point. Ok.... two. I'm a professional.
Drove directly to Xmas eve party in full swing, this year made it early enough that the buffet was still hot.  Points back! And to hear the nephew and his old teacher get out the keyboard and improvise.
Lots of point. Too many to keep track of. Rest of evening, scorecard free.GZucker1209_2732 Mom happy with her new set of crochet hooks with bamboo handles. Once again, failure to get a nice shot of them out of packaging,   they are good looking.  Way to go, Susie Bates.

Sister Marla got the black hat, here immediately after unwrapping and recognizing its Amelia Earhart potentiality.
She'd asked for a "black helmet-like earflap hat" that would be warm and good looking but wouldn't clash with all her multicolored handknit scarves.We added ties with tassles from recycled sari silk, it  needed that somethin' somethin'.
yarn: Berroco Cuzco,  1 skein of black , exactly  down to the last inch
notes: First time I have ever knit with true pure dark black. Last time I ever knit with pure dark black. Double never if there are cables involved. Could. Not. See. A. Freakin'. Thing.
confession: I wouldn't mind having one just like it for myself. Maybe...dark gray.
It works.
Final bonus round, the birthday gift knit entirely in the car ride  down, next post. 


Cathy R said...

Hmmm... good point about the black. I am considering making some mittens out of the bulky weight Victory Ranch Alpaca I got in Oct 2008.

Maybe this is an excuse to get an Ott lite??

Happy Holidays! Sounds like a great time was had.

Ellen Bloom said...

Oh! My friend, Carla (carlitadee on the Rav) gave me some of those new Susan Bates crochet hooks with the bamboo handles. I LOVE them!!!! Your Mom looks happy about receiving them too. Love the black cabled hat. It was worth the pain...the hat looks great!
Happy New Year!

Carole Knits said...

Love the hats - great photos, too. Black is tough, I agree.

kt said...

Gawjus, gawjus, fambly and knitting.

Many, many points bestowed for sharing the fun.

You've inspired me to get going on a Gathered Scarf and a Destroyed Cowl (love them easy ones)! Will try to get photos posted, but it's back to work tomorrow (sob).

Mary Lou said...

Have BTDT with black. Have spousal unit who always wants black socks, so therefore they are stockinette only. All the recipients look very pleased. Extra points there for shure.

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
thanks to Gale and my
blaaaack haaaaaat

I love it, thanks!

Kathie said...

Oh yes, black's a killer. But way cool hat. Definitely another, in charcoal this time.

livnletlrn said...

I made that snowboarder hat in Sept. Great little pattern, especially when you can see the stitches. ;-)

Bullwinkle said...

I once tried to knit black socks during a meeting ... until someone shut the lights off so we could see the powerpoint slides.

Very boring meeting.

Excellent hat!

Kathy said...

That's a great hat and looks fabulous on your sister!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Your sister looks amazing in that hat!! Love it!! Happy Holidays!

Kay said...

Every time you post a picture of yer ma I mean to tell you how pretty she is!

Very few people get that "chic white bob" hairdo. I think it's some kind of reward or something.

Kay said...

Oh also meant to tell you that when the Gotteliers used to have their ultra high end denim sweaters handknit in the Brit Isles for places like Barney's, the knitters got an extra few pounds for the dark indigo and black sweaters. Kind of a knitters' civil rights issue.

Turtle said...

luv the snowboard hat, daughter may be getting one, lol!

craftivore said...

10 points to you for all those handmade gifts! Your sister is rockin that hat and the photos are great.

twinsetellen said...

The only time I don't mind knitting true black is in the winter on a sunny afternoon by a window with light doubled by reflection off the snow-covered ground.

But, gosh, it does look fabulous.