Wednesday, December 23, 2009

best laid plans and all that jazz

1209iphoneBrooklynBrooklyn on Sunday morning, via iPhone  cam. Have  I mentioned how much I love mobile Photoshop? 
On Saturday, massive snowstorm approaching & hysterical forecasts increasing, I figured my photo shoot in Brooklyn the next morning would be postponed. So I kinda relaxed a little. I mean, here I'd have an Extra Day to catch up on work, sit by the fireplace and finish the holiday gift knitting, maybe make some cards, do a new year's e-postcard to my clients, answer email, wrap some gifts, do some cookie baking blah, blah bah. I had a Plan B.
By 6:30 am Sunday, Plan B was rolled back to Plan A. The shoot was on, snow and all. There I was trudging with my equipment on the MetroNorth, then to the subway then through the streets, trying to refigure how it'd all work out. And being kind of grouchy about it. Resenting having to shlep my big case through the snowbanks the plows had created at the curbs....when I looked up and realized how really, truly great it all was. The snow was white, fluffy and undirtied, the city was quiet, the skies were brightening, the holiday decorations were popping against the brownstones. I've never seen Brooklyn like that. It was magical and anyone out on the street just then , the handful of us, knew it.
So, where does that leave me? It's past midnight, and as I blog this I'm baking cut-out cookies, swilling a glass of red wine, finishing up knitting two hats, and adding items to tomorrow's list, all at the same time. Tomorrow I'll try getting other stuff left from the weekend done, and I'll knit the last gift on the car ride to DC on Thursday. Fingers crossed. Anyone who freelances knows the best way to get new work to come in is to plan a few days away. This year having been so epically, monumentally sucky business-wise, I figuredI could plan on getting away quietly. Nope! The very last week of the year and new work- good projects- are appearing , all needing immediate attention.
I don't care. Plans, like rules, are made to be...improved upon. Maybe that's the theme for 2010.
Or, maybe that's the red wine. (Salut!)


textilejunkie said...

So I'm flipping through the latest edition of Real Simple and I swore I saw you! That was you talking about health care - yes? Crazy that!

Love the snow when it's still fresh and clean :)

livnletlrn said...

heh heh...remember how I didn't think I'd have a camera for the glast workshop? Well, as of yesterday's communication from Nikon AND purchase of an iPhone last night, it now appears that I will have three -- count 'em, THREE! -- photo-taking options that day!

downloading mobile photoshop as we speak. :-) got it!

Mary Lou said...

What a great shot - with an iphone even. Very Dickens. We are bracing for a big storm here, but I'll believe it when I see it. Safe travels.

margene said...

You can do that with an iPhone!? Amazing! If only I had your energy. Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year!!!!

Ellen Bloom said...

THe Brooklyn/Snow photo is amazing. I'm saving it on my desktop as a reminder of snowy holidays....LOVE IT!

Good luck with all your holiday plans. Do take a bit of time to just stare at a blank wall.

Cheers, my friend!

toni in florida said...

What a beautiful shot! Thanks for the shot of cold Christmas cheer to those of us down in the rainy, grey gloom of north Florida.

Merry merry to you and to whoever drove while you knit! And may 2010 bring you the joy and prosperity you deserve.

AudKnits said...

The photo is gorgeous, and perfectly illustrates your text. I love what you said about plans. You've got me mentally off to a better New Year. Thank you!