Thursday, December 17, 2009

getting gifty, a last minute knit

Destroyed Cowlhandknit scarf
A  moment of knitting alchemy. A simple pattern + a specific yarn + a deadline = something really wonderful.
Destroyed Cowl (Ravelry link,)  in malabrigo worsted, the indescribably hued Pearl Ten
Ironically, I hit this gold when sister Lulu requested something gray for her Chanukah gift. Gray? really gray? we do not normally do gray. She likes the stylish, I figured the infinity scarf, an endless loop that may be doubled as a cowl and is all the rage, would work
Destroyed Cowlhandknit scarf
A quick knit: a provisional cast on, knit the skein in stockinette until almost out of yarn, drop a few stitches along each edge, kitchener the the ends together. Destroyed Cowlhandknit scarfHold breath while unraveling dropped stitches. Admire the strip of stockinette transformed into a drapey, lovely piece* that shows off the kettle dyed subtlety.
This could easily be the gift you knit over the weekend. Simple enough to socialize while churning through it, and small enough to take along while traveling.

I left Lulu a voicemail warning her: if we don't get together very soon to exchange gifts, she may never get this one. Seriously.

* model disclaimer: self portrait, so not my metier. Just go with me here and believe in the possibility.

Tomorrow on the getting gifty train: what to buy the photographer in your life.


Mary Lou said...

I love it. Sure you don't need a Peterman description?

Ellen Bloom said...

Hah! Love Mary Lou's suggestion of a "Peterman" description!!

Looking forward to your gift ideas for photographers! I have to buy Christmas and B-Day gifts for Mr. Larry...his b-day is 1/12! Oy! It's so anti-climatic.

Turtle said...

love it! especially the name! :)

gayle said...

Nifty gifty!
I can see why it'll be hard to let that one go...

woolanthropy said...

fabulous scarf and I have that same color in malabrigo that I was going to use in a sweater that I don't love any more. Hmmmm...maybe...

It looks so good I can see why it would be hard to give away.