Friday, October 09, 2009

utterly twitzcapated

Oddness this week.
It started when I swept this book off the new non-fiction display at the library. I was all "Heh, go ahead and show me that Twitter is worthwhile and not just a whole lot of TMI". Or something like that.

Predictably, there I was the next afternoon customizing my Twitter home page. And then finding folks to follow, and checking out Tweet readers, and downloading Twit apps on my phone. There you have it. I'm tweeting now. You can follow me and so far I haven't been trumpeting stuff like a bad hair day and how I wish I had some more Imperial Cookies in the freezer stash but hey, give me time. (and by the way? both true today).

In tribute, but not necessarily adhering , to my newfound 140 character addiction devotion, a bulleted version of what's up 'round here:

• a 36 hour trip to DC for a family funeral gave me some unexpected knitting time: train to NY, BoltBus to DC & return. Annette (scroll down a bit to see it from that link ) is progressing, maybe a Rhinebeck debut

• nevertheless, I am no longer in the sweater-a-month club. That I never really joined, anyway.

• This blogpost from Yahaira, which led me here, got me jonesing for shot cotton. I rode it out all week, thinking it'd go away. Nope. Looks like I'm dusting off the old Singer.

• Conveniently I was in NYC yesterday with my childhood BFF's. Our shared passions for handcrafting, fueled by our shared passions for vodka drinks and the shared blog links from above kicked in. Our first stop, a fabric store near Chinatown.
iphone view looking up
• That ceiling glimpse alone should tell you what we faced. The teetering fabric bolts everywhere were too much to handle, plus no one working there thought they had anything resembling shot cotton. We headed over to Soho, passing the yarneristas crawling in Purl and found every color of the fabric we wanted at Purl Patchwork.

• And I fully planned to set up the ol' machine and get right down to it today but the weather demanded some hiking in the woods.
iphone view, looking down
See you at Rhinebeck next Saturday? Maybe I'll be the contrarian in my new sewn, not knitted, scarf.

And, maybe I'd better get knitting faster.


Mary Lou said...

Dang, I can barely blog, let alone twitter. Can I follow you if I don't tweet myself. And all those rolls of braid and cord on top of vodka drinks? I'm amazed you didn't come home with many yards. You might be able to knit with it.

Turtle said...

i may be a twit but not a twitter for sure! Quickie q: which camera do you it completely? Time for an upgrade and i have been doing a bit of research, but love to hear first hand from someone!

Carole Knits said...

I tried twitter for a bit but found that I prefer Facebook. That pumpkin is sure strange! See you at Rhinebeck!

craftivore said...

Still resisting twitter... I'll be at Rhinebeck though! I hope I get to see you there. Those raw edged, shot cotton scarves are very tempting. They might also be nice out of wool fabric too.

Cathy R said...

Can't wait to see your scarf(ves). They look wonderful!

Love the photo of the dual pumpkins.

Marla said...

Ooooh I love the cotton shot scarves...

Ellen Bloom said...

Ooooo..Rhinbeck! I'm expecting some fantastic shots from you, in-between yarn buying!
I, too, am addicted to Twitter. I read more than I tweet. One has to stay on top of when and where the gourmet taco trucks will be, you know!
Thank goodness you don't have to live up to that "sweater a month" challenge any longer. I think you have a sufficient number of sweaters for this winter! You're a knitting blurrrrr!

Norma said...

Holy CRAP. Kay took me into Purl Patchwork to see "her real domain." What time were you there?????? I was there, I think? Something like that. And PurltheKnitShop was the only stop on my so-called yarn crawl. Bought some luscious stuff. See you in Rhinebeck!

Anonymous said...

O you brilliant girl you!

Isn't this shot cotton scarf so of the moment? So perfect for Handmade Holiday Gifts 2009?

Enough of that tedious KNITTING for people.

I'm going to handquilt on mine. Just a little.

Thanks doll! See you this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


twinsetellen said...

Missed you by a day or two - we were in Purl on Friday. The punkins are just great, the forest shot wonderful.