Saturday, October 03, 2009

traveling knits , or not

Maine Morning Mitts from Kureyon Noro
an uncharacteristically restrained composition from me, yes?

Last month I was supposed to be at a professional retreat up in Maine. Just before it, I recalled the most important items I brought the last time I attended this event: my wool socks and my fingerless mitts. But, oh, my poor old mitts. I blogged about the sad state of them here.

The obvious move, knit a new pair quick. Maine Morning Mittens, I know, startlingly unimaginative choice. Believe me if ony knitting something with a geographic name took you there, I'd be working on a Hawaii Hat, and a Brisbane Bonnet, too.

Yarn from the (no longer so) big bag o' Noro scraps. The funny thing is they are mostly from the same half-skein of Kureyon, with some purple for both thumbs that had been pulled out of another skein long ago. Maine Morning Mitts from Kureyon Noro
And a couple of rounds from some greyish Iro to end the purpley/lime green one when the half-skein ran out.
Maine Morning Mitts from Kureyon Noro
Quick, great fitting, functional. Completely unpaired looking but I'm going to wear them with the attitude that they are intentionally mismatched. Which, I guess, is the truth.

ps I had to cancel the trip at the very last minute. Glad to have'em anyway.


Mary Lou said...

I love 'em - and it looks like you had some success after the great east coast tomato failure. I'm in Chicago at a conference, lots of indoor knitting time.

Ellen Bloom said...

All Noro yarn works together! The mitts look great. I know you'll enjoy wearing them this winter, Gale!

Turtle said...

i like the color combo blend!

Cathy R said...

Those are beautiful mitts!!!

I've been wanting to make a pair of something like that for myself.

*sigh* Someday...

kelli ann said...

so beautiful!

twinsetellen said...

The mitts are swell. Color like that doesn't need to match.