Sunday, October 18, 2009

the long post-rhinebeck post

Mine was a daytrip. I took the Robert Frost route to get there.
".........I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took the one less traveled by......"

I was enjoying the scenery right down to every punny barn sign but worrying about the poor poor vendors, I wasn't seeing any other traffic. Had the economy finally thinned out the fiber fest crowd??? Till I realized I was just a little, cough ,off target.
Happily the New York Sheep & Wool Festival at Rhinebeck is as popular as ever.
1009famvar_511The vendors with ready to wear woolens were happy, too. It seemed like all the vendors were doing OK , although I didn't succeed in adding to their totals. So much to admire! Too much to take in! I am a sucky shopper!
This yurt between 2 barns was full of fantastic wet felted pieces & rugs. I liked the scarves, I can't explain exactly how they did it, they are part woven fabric and part felt.1009famvar_531
Retail slacker's remorse: wish I'd bought one.

Here's why I really went to Rhinebeck. My plans to hang with Team Mason Dixon Knitting:
Progressive Knitters in Support of Progressive Lenses
id's by Rav link: Kay, Bonne Marie Burns (of ChicKnits, she designed for the MD book), Ann, MaryNeal (another MDKnitting designer- Rav link to that Margaret sweater with the words) and yours truly. The combined brains & talent of these 4 is a forcefield. Plus they're a lot of fun to have a photo shoot with. Or a beer.

Here's some foodstands area play by play action:
While BonneMarie is interviewed and taped for LetsKnit2gether knitcast,we ran into Guido, of Its a Purl,Man .
So Kay sits down, takes my knitting and starts going a few rounds (I am thrilled. It's a sportweight alpaca hat begun Thursday and I want it done NOW). Guido plops down next to her, take a sidelong glance and pulls out his drop spindle.
Only at a fiber festival is this so extremely normal as to not even get a second glance. Well , yeah, Guido's sweater may have gotten a second glance but its got a sweet story behind it, go ask him.

I know its silly since I live so close by them but I was thrilled to run into New Haven & Shoreline SnB friends all day long.
Fr'example Rebecca, Anne w/ 2 kidlets and no blog, and Alina. Between fairground and the Ravelry party later that night, our little corner of the knitting world represented.

What else is there to report?
Tons of inspiring handknits , reallive sheep & alpaca, delicious food and excellent company. What more could you want for a chilly fall day?
Maybe a little bunny to go.


Carole Knits said...

And I missed you again!

Norma said...

How could I miss that big group?! You were a force! :D

Mandy said...

Bunny to go! Heehee.

margene said...

You sure took in a lot of great sights! Nice! Wish I had been there.

Mary Lou said...

I love that barn. I did take a couple of old sign pix the other day while waiting for the sweaterless Sec. of Transportation. Someday I'll do Rhinebeck, it's a day trip from my sister. And that's a nice picture of you in that group shot.

craftivore said...

So nice to meet you, thank you for saying hi. We must break this abstaining from yarn at Rhinebeck thing! Your photos make it look like a wonderful time, and it was.

Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the great photos, Gale. Now, I feel like I was at Rhinebeck too! I cannot believe you didn't buy one tiny skein of yarn?!?! You need a personal yarn shopper to shadow you!

inglesidebelle said...

Great report and photos!

But, BRrrrrrrrrr! A 'chilly' fall day? You're all so bundled up; looks like it was downright cold!

Kay said...

Guido: so cute! Me: Looks like I am fighting with my beautiful Belinda scarf made by Ann. Also, why am I always wearing sunglasses? So not me! (Oh yeah, added "transitions" to "progressives".)

Killing me with the line about progressive knitters with progressive lenses. SIGH. But LOL.

xoxo Kay

Turtle said...

so fun! *le sigh, maybe someday!! So .... did you get the bunny to go?

Bonne Marie said...

"Progressive Knitters in Support of Progressive Lenses"

You're killin me here...

So good to spend time with you in the fine fine autumn air!

maryse said...

aww i missed you!

also, i so wanted to bring home a bunny.

Mary Neal said...

It was so fun to meet you in RL, Gale. I hope everyone had as good a time as we did, but I doubt that's possible!

twinsetellen said...


thanks for the vicarious experience. That yurt picture hits me behind the sternum - can't explain it.