Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sighted in Carver

Carver is a picturesque southeastern Massachusetts town. Cranberry bogs, colonial houses, a town green..... so maybe it's not that unusual to see this kind of swarm by the library.
Tara shooting Johanna. See how the hat photo came out here
Gina's laughing, but look how Carole's fab Hemlock Ring image turned out on her blog here. Worth the groundwork, yes?
GZucker0909wkshop643 oh, don't mind us, it's just photographers with knits and knitters making photos. Perfectly normal, move along. Oh , OK, maybe someone driving by might have wondered.
I think I was showing a position and situation I'd use for mitt photography, not shielding myself from the wrath of Mercury. Thanks to Johanna for sending me the photo, I don't think I've ever seen myself at this angle. I like it! (Kay, you're right, my hair is sort of turning into dreadlocks, it turns out.)

Some reports on the class here and here (you must see her tree trunk shawl hug) and on the links under those top two photos. In case you're wondering.

When Carole read about my Minnesota workshops, she & I started planning one closer to home. Literally, for her. She generously arranged to have her library be our classroom. It was the right setting, both inside & out. Having worked on location for as many years as I have, I can make use of almost any place, but this one was sweeeet.

After the slide show/talk part of the afternoon, and the working with light demo, we were outside for some hands on. I'd asked people to bring fiber or projects to practice with. Lucky us, Gina owns a yarn store, Knit One Purl Too . She brought some gorgeous Noro-esque Plymouth .
Darned if I can find it on their site, you'll have to email Gina from her shop link for the name of these skeins. Word to Plymouth: you have some wonderful yarns, you need a hipper, more stylish looking site. And, um, yes, I am available.. ...

Kim from The Woolen Rabbit brought this skein of her luscious hand dyed yarn.GZucker0909wkshop647
Her basket of FO's gave us a good subject too. I had to control myself from dumping it out and pawing through each piece.
Inspiration, everywhere.
Thanks again, to Carole for getting this show on the road, and to Maryse, for being so generous & modeling for us with gusto in the lighting demo. Fun!

ps. I want to link to more of the talented knitter/photographers from Sunday, email me if you post anything from the workshop, or what you do with it after, on a blog /Ravelry and I'll add a link.


Ellen Bloom said...

Your students certainly picked up your photo tips and tricks quickly, Gale! It looks like a wonderfully successful class. I wish I could have been there!

Anonymous said...

Let me know if you do a workshop close to home.

Cookie said...

What a fun class and gathering!

Carole Knits said...

I had a great time - loved every minute of it!

AudKnits said...

I want to go to one of your workshops so badly! It looks like a blast.

kat said...

it sure looks like everyone was having a lot of fun....and learning too.

Mary Lou said...

nice to see we weren't the only students looking goofy outside!

craftivore said...

Ha, love the class photos. It looks like a yarny good time.

jjFTW said...

We had so much fun! Although the locals might have been a bit confused by all the laying of the ground and sticking of socks to trees...

maryse said...

fantastic workshop and so much fun to meet you!

PICAdrienne said...

I believe the Plymouth yarn you are showing off is Boku.

Looks like it was a very fun class.

Kay said...

This will sound stupid, but looking at your pics of this event, I thought, "You what's the thing about people? People just love to DO STUFF." I love all the intense looks as people learn new stuff.

Also, I can't believe I said your hair was turning into dreadlocks? Did I really say that? Are you quoting me out of context? Are dreadlocks a BAD thing? I remember liking whatever product you had in your hair the last time I saw you, but I think this must have been what Craig Ferguson calls, "Oh! Was I saying my thoughts out LOUD again?" Your hair looks great! Lying on the sidewalk, whatever? How do you take the pictures with mittens on your hands? Do you have to lie down on top of another person who has the mittens on their hands?

I have questions.

xoxoxoxo Kay

woolanthropy said...

Everyone looks like they are having a ball and their pictures say what a great teacher you are.

twinsetellen said...

That shot of the Plymouth yarn is the kind that transports you somewhere good.

Knit One, Purl Too! said...

Hi Gale,
The photography workshop was a lot of fun, thank you.
The name of the Plymouth yarn is not Boku (100% wool), but a wonderful wool/silk blend called Mushishi. It will gently self-stripe and that was only a sampling of the colorways.

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