Monday, September 21, 2009


Never one for subtlety, a gentle reminder to get your needles moving for the Red Scarf Project 2009.
How lucky is it that my red photo safari yesterday segued into a job today with a red combed chicken.

Quick review: each scarf should be approximately 60" long and 5 to 8" wide, , unisex in style, preferably a shade of red, in a soft not scratchy yarn. Style up to you. You know, something you might see a successful college student wearing. Please no fun fur, no loose unwoven ends or wildy wonky mistakes. Keep in mind it'll be mailed in a fed ex box, so super bulky scarves won't work. BTW fed ex donates all the delivery, yay Fed Ex!!

The Orphan Foundation of America (OFA) is accepting the scarves for this year's care packages now through December 15th. Each scarf is sent in a care package to foster kids who have aged out of the system and are now going it on their own in college. It means A LOT to them. They do not receive care packages otherwise; there's no one to call or text at home when things are a little bumpy, or they need some help in decisions. The OFA's work in advocacy for these young people is so very worthy of your support!

Along with knitting a red scarf, ( or instead of , if your knitting plate is full ) consider:

- donating to the Red Scarf Fund for Foster Youth

- donating little items that can go inside the care packages like gift cards to inexpensive restaurants , or bookstores, or coffee shops, toiletries like hand cream or razors, , stationery goods like tape, pens, notebooks, small packets of snack foods...and if you work for a company that can do so, urge them!

- be a virtual mentor. You have no idea what an impact you can have on someone's life by mentoring. You'd be matched up with an OFA college student interested in your field, and be in contact with them for advice, encouragement and support. Read this OFA blog post entry on what a difference you can make.

- if you' re in the DC area, volunteer to help sort out or stuff care packages at OFA

- download and print this 8x10 Red Scarf Project poster/flyer, and put it up at your LYS or community bulletin board

Ok, that's my opening red post for the year. Look around at your own reds, there's got to be a shade you want to work in.


gayle said...

My scarf is almost done - creeping up on the 60" mark. I'll knit to the end of this ball and call it good.

Mary Lou said...

OK, I'll get busy already. I'll put up a poster at the shop, too.

Cookie said...

Great reminder. Love that chicken!

I'm waiting for my Red Scarf to dry. They always seem to take forever for some reason. :?


the Lady said...

Thanks for the info. I wash just thinking about this last night. Perhaps I will actually knit one this year, now that the deadline is extended.

craftivore said...

It seems like a very worthy cause, I will think about how to participate.

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

Love the red collage.

Anonymous said...

My scarf is almost done and I made a donation. I also hope to be available to pack care packages. I did this last year and it was so awesome. I have NEVER seen so many FedEx boxes. They lined a wall, floor to ceiling, several layers deep. And what fun it was to fill them.

kat said...

i love the red collage too. i'm going to try and knit a scarf...i know my mom can and i'll tell my friends.