Monday, March 05, 2007

my groove thang

Before going to Texas, I was sure that a successful photo shoot hinged on a warmer weather headwrap. I needed to knit one more Calorimetry . So sure was I that, the day before I left, I bought me some Noro Tidiori , and with my priorities thus clearly in order, I was good to go.
Texas turned out to be over 80 degree F . Head wrapping was not so high on my needs list after all.
Back home, I returned to Group Groove , a hiphop dance workout class I get to any week I can. Go ahead and click on that link, you'll see what my inner flygirl thinks I look like . To the untrained eye at the gym, though, I look like a dork. Best thing about being me now? I really don't care what I look like while I dance. I always leave laughing and aerobically fortified. Or depleted, whatever. My wardrobe is way not hiphop cool. For months I've been sure that if I could tweak my look, I'd surely dance better.
Last week I figured out what I needed: a head wrap. A non-wooly headwrap
This one feels like cotton, even though its a rayon/nylon/cashmere blend. I can cover the front of my hair and sort of twist up and stick the longer messy wild part up under the back button. The instructor , a woman who can shake her hips , wear blue tinted glasses and pants that are falling off while looking non-chalantly fabulous- complimented my head style right from the front little stage she teaches on. oh yeah. Everybody to the dance floor.

I only used half a skein to make this last 88 stitch, narrower than the pattern calls for Calorimetry little groove thing.0307famvar005 The colorway is so all over the place, look at this, I can knit a second one out of the leftovers in completely different stripes.


Melissa said...

I love the colors and how yours turned out!!

Cookie said...


archiknist said...


I dodn't know if you remember but I'm the one who emailed last fall about the whereabouts of the Farmhouse Yarns sale--I went, and it was really great--so thanks again! (and for commenting on my blog, too).


nona said...

You most certainly have found your groove!

mary lou said...

With all that hair flying around, you NEED a groovy headwrap so you don't blind yourself1