Monday, February 26, 2007

some things I learned in central Texas

1. A group of goats is called a tribe.

Call me a member of the tribe.

2. Angora goats make mohair. (Confusingly, rabbits make angora wool.)
Kid mohair is silkier than you can imagine.0207KaiRanch071
Especially on the hoof.

3. Lisa Shell at Kai Ranch makes beautiful beautiful (did I mention beautiful?) dyed mohair and weavings and yarns and dyed locks.kaicomp When she's home at her dying/weaving studio on the ranch, the mohair awaits outings to places like Estes Park or Maryland S&W. But let's say you're visiting to take photos, and you sleep on the futon in the you get it? essentially, I slept in a yarn store. sigh.

4. A sixteen year old son,
when removed from the rest of his species and placed in a new ecosystem, can be great company

5. Austin is a very cool place. soco1
Good food, friendly people.
airportmu Live blues music at the airport. And, it's warm in the winter.
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kathy in juneau said...

Lovely post. Wonderful photos. Sigh ..

Norma said...

Wow, FAB photos, Gale. I'm not surprised, but still.

Lauren said...

Beautiful photos. I should have stowed away in your luggage!

Sarah said...

Austin looks great! Good to have you back, but I'm glad you had a good time. Did you bring back any mohair with you?

Carole Knits said...

I know you slept in a yarn store and that's terrific and all. But I'm finding myself totally distracted by that 16 year old son. ;-)

Wool Winder said...

Love these Texas photos! I live close to Houston, but dream of moving to the Hill Country.

chris said...

Ohhhh, that baby goat face is hilarious!!!

And yeah, Austin rocks. I often wish I lived there instead of Dallas!

Cookie said...

Wonderful post. Amazing photos. Love the boy and baby goat together.

Did any of the yarn follow you home? :D

kmkat said...

Second the opinion on the fun that a 16-yo son can be. Who knew?

kathie said...

I love the photo of the steers in the fog! wonderful

HollyEQQ said...

Oh good lord - gonna get locked up for oggling the youngin'!!! Just about the time I was going to go back to look at the, um, baby goat, um, I read the part of the 16 year old boy. Goodness me - lock that boy up until he turns 18!!! :)
I am so jealous of the yarn store sleeping - love kid mohair!! It is one of my absolute fav's.

Great pics - as usual.

Helen said...

Your photos are so beautiful. The clarity, depth, and just everything (I'm search for the correct term that we used to use in photography class and I can't remember it!).

Rita said...

Beautiful, atmospheric.