Monday, March 26, 2007

follow up/ fouled up

Oh thank you, thank you, my dear commenters for the unanimous support in doing the right thing. You know I went and got those damn size four needles even if it meant heading out to Arizona with only 4 hours sleep the next day.
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this is the road in, as seen from the ranch on Black Mesa

I would rather be telling you about this churro sheep ranch visit and the family of herders and fiber artists I was privileged to meet and live with. There aren't many experiences that have me at a loss to for words but this...well, this will be a chapter worth buying the book for. If possible read that last sentence with some modesty in my voice.

Since it'll be a while till that's possible (the book buying, I mean) and you know how I love to show & tell... as soon as I can distill coherent words and edit out a few more of the the 1200 images, I'll be sharing .

Meanwhile, back to them new needles:
I cast on the hat I am test knitting, a lovely slightly artsy little hat, on the plane and finished it on location - with the whole Navajo family I was staying with watching to see me try it on . It was too freaking small. What was wrong? Aside from- ahem- the obvious not swatching for gauge?

What was wrong was that it needed to be knit on size 5 needles. Take a moment to absorb the irony.

So now I rip and reknit. And save my size 4 needles for future outings.
One more view on the rez. Mostly the other 1198 images have people or sheep or fiber in them, you'll see.


Carole Knits said...

The irony of the needles. It gets ya every time. Those ranch photos are such a tease. I'm betting you had a fabulous experience.

mary lou said...

Too small for you. Just right for someone else. Love those photos.

pacalaga said...

That stings. Ouch.

Sarah said...

Ay. Too bad! Your photos are lovely, though -- and knitting is really about process not product, right? (I'll keep telling myself that.)

PICAdrienne said...

OK, so it is not THAT project you need the size 4 needles for, but you KNOW you need them for something. Funny enough, that is about the one size of needles (000 through 17) I don't have, at all, not in any flavor.

HPNY Knits said...

not too worry- needles don't go bad...
the photos are striking. lovely.

Phara Thomas said...

My first time here, and I have to say it...Hilarious. That is something that would happen to me.