Sunday, October 23, 2005

that big sucking socking sound

First I order a skein of yarn from an ebay store and just for fun, she throws in a sock pattern. Knitting socks? Nah, not really interested.

Second,the wonderfully generous and fleecy MamaCate deems me the winner of her oldest living WIP contest and gifts me with this beee-yyo-tiful Koigu.yarn3 Whatever it looks like on your monitor, its even richer and redder in person. I've never knit anything in Koigu. (I've also never won anything on a knitting blog. I am on a roll. ) It is sock weight. I'm not interested in knitting socks. Or am I? I browse the web for sock info, getting all- toe-up or down? Calculator or set pattern? Ribbed or sockinette? No lace, please. Where is a simple stockinette pattern that'll let me just knit 'round and 'round as the colors unwind?

Third, I looked down. At my favorite fall shoes. Those plain socks. Its just not right.feet

Is there a conspiracy afoot ?


Wool Winder said...

Go for it!

Elizabeth said...

Conspiracy afoot, indeed! Pun intended?

One skein of koigu will only make a pair of small, short socks. If you can accurately divide the skein into two balls and do them toe-up, you'll make the most of the yarn. Also, making toes and heels with coordinating yarn will stretch it a little more.

quantumtea said...

Best toe up sock pattern I know is here:

With an adaptation for different numbers of heel stitches here:

I just ordered my first koigu, it is worth it?