Saturday, October 01, 2005


Yeah, the bunny was real. Here's another one.
people That'll be the last. I promise.

And felting? I was sufficiently frightened by your words like "skimming the felt scat" and "the pump" that I used a regular pillowcase closed by five clothespins. We have felted shrinkage. Mucho thanks for all the felting advice.

Before: sm10felted1


The verdict? Still not sure what to do with it but I like it.

I especially love the edges, they swelled and rolled a little in the process. I don't like the striped piece much, not nuts about the colors. I bought the yarn in 1988, teal was somehow fresher looking then. I'm thinking maybe the big piece can be the front of a tote with a heavy fabric back. And the smaller stripey piece can be a small purse that someone else will love. Or maybe I can do something on top of the teal stripes. I think the project will hold here for a bit.....

Now that the riveting felting action has been reported, I'll mention that if you are ever in Providence, Rhode Island with a bit of cash, by all means go to A Stitch Above on Wayland Street. See all the luxurious yarn you'd want to squeeze, as well as clothes & shoes and accessories,for both knitting & for looking good). I spent almost an hour there yesterday being helped by the nicest, most patient person. Being the queen of indecision as I am, and also being totally unable to buy an affordable choice after falling in love with yarn beyond my budget, I left empty-handed. And late for my meeting. I blamed it on "the traffic" and did not mention merino.


Kay said...

I love A Stitch Above. It makes me wonder why more yarn stores don't sell clothes. They have cool stuff.

Ann said...

OK that bunny looks like a person. That is totally weird.

And your felting turned out great! Very curious to see what you do with your pieces. Seat pad? I love a seat pad.

Wool Winder said...

This bunny picture is not quite as creepy as the other one, but it still begs the question, "Why?"

K.T. said...

The felting looks great, I agree.

I keep looking at the bunny and I am speechless. Really, it boggles the mind. If these people do this to bunnies, what are their children wearing ..shudder..

Juno said...

I have a lot of silkroad aran tweed in a kind of heathery purple (called Heather, as a matter of fact) - I think it is 20 balls, one of which is partial as it has been swatched with.

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