Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lucy & Ethel Cowl: Drop Dead Easy Knits

It's time to shine a spotlight on the Lucy and Ethel Cowls from Drop Dead Easy Knits. Design by Kirsten Kapur

When we brainstormed a pattern name that referenced two friends that were fun and colorful (as the cowls are) and had slightly different styles (as the cowls do), we leapt on Lucy and Ethel. But we didn't know they knit!!!  And I don't think they are faking it, you can find Lucy knitting on several episodes and sometimes just for the hell of it.  Links to I Love Lucy episodes for your wintertainment* right here
Two simple stitch patterns make up the design.  Like everything in the book, they are simpler than you'd think , and more stylish than you'd expect from a pattern that isn't hard to knit.  Worsted weight**, so they go fast .
The longer style can be loopy, I always think of that one as Lucy.  Or for a quick knit and less volume, the shorter cowl Ethel is a great choice.
The cowls appear in a chapter of patterns we presented as great for knitting in multiples to give as gifts to your friends. We wanted the photos to give off a buddies vibe. You wouldn't know it from this photo, but these two had just met. We had to use the top photo, with the hat hiding the smile, in the book, so that the focus stayed on the knits and not the beautiful happy faces.  I don't think photoshoots need to be dour affairs-- we like to goof around a little while we work.

Just like Ethel and Lucy!
* I know you may be reading this in Australia or somewhere else southern hemisphere, and it may not be winter where you are....but frankly, it is SO WINTERY here that I can't imagine anything else today. Sorry! I have midwinter January brain.

** The samples shown are in The Fibre Company Knightsbridge yarn, which is lovely llama and silk , but I'd also knit them in Berroco UltraAlpaca--it has some of the same heathery colors and wool/alpaca loft and an insane range of  color options. I just fell down the rabbit hole of choosing...Barley and Cerulean? Zinc and PeaSoup? or GrapefruitMix??? aaaaghhhhhh. What would you choose? 


Carole Julius said...

I'm so glad you spotlighted these cowls! I think Ethel might be the perfect birthday present for my bestie!

AsKatKnits said...

So many knits, so little time.

I started another #makenine2018

Nicole said...

Ooh, these are fun cowls! I love the color possibilities, too.

Bridget said...

Thanks for the reminder of these - I remember thinking about making one when I first got the book. Now may be the time ...

Vera said...

Yes, thanks for the reminder of these. I'm thinking that it would be fun to knit for my next "Sisters' Weekend." Laughing at the Lucy and Ethel photos - so funny!

Kym said...

ANOTHER great design!!! And I'm so thrilled to learn a new term . . . wintertainment . . . because PERFECT.

Mary Lou said...

Who knew there was knitting on that show! Great find. And ultra alpaca would be perfect for those.