Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I Knit NY: bts with Kristy Glass Knits

 On a summery early October day (remember summery weather? )I was in New York shooting the excellent brand new book I Knit New York* from One More Row Press--the first in their series of Knit Like a Local.

I was so focused on my work that day, I didn't realize Kristy had filmed us in action, including my very enthusiastic two thumbs up to the model, somewhere around the 7.20 mark on the 10 minutes video. 

And as long as we're all video-sharey today, here's our beautiful and multi-talented dancer model Becca, doing her thing with her band, the Gentlemen Brawlers. 

 I bet Kristy didn't know I caught her in action too.....

Shot while the model was changing, and as you know , given 10 minutes, knitters gonna knit.I have A LOT more to say and share about this book, so I'll be back on the topic soon.

* You can order the book online or if you are coming to VKLive in NYC this weekend, stop by the Backyard Fiberworks booth and get a signed copy from Kathleen Dames and Alice O'Reilly, the talented partnership behind this project. Bonus-see the samples and get some of Alice's yarn :-) ** If you do not follow and watch Kristy Glass Knits channel, you are missing out on some of the best knittertainment around, as well as seeing great interviews, meet people,and see books and ideas reviewed by this talented and passionate social media rock star.


Beverly said...

This made me so happy! Especially b/c there's a moment with the awesome Kirsten, too! xxx

Kym said...

I guess I really needed to watch some of my favorite knitters/designers/photographers in action today -- because these videos just made me happy! :-)

Bridget said...

I loved this. I so wish I could go to VK and meet everyone in person (though I was lucky enough to meet Alice at my LYS a couple of months ago, and I love her!). Also, it would be fun to see the items in person and get the book signed, etc. But such is life.

It looked like a fun day. :-)

AsKatKnits said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing this little behind the scenes peek!

Nicole said...

So fun! And absolutely. If there's an extra 10 minutes, knitters will knit.