Wednesday, September 07, 2016

fiber college bound:sept post 7

Heading north tomorrow! I'm recycling this image from a couple of years ago, of the house I stay at while teaching at Fiber College of Maine in Searsport. I suspect the few days we are there each year is the only time freshly dyed skeins of yarn hang from the trees. It adds something, right?

I'm hoping not to over schedule myself, for a change, and spend some time on that porch with my talented roomies.  If you are free this weekend, there're still classes with space in them. And Ellen Mason's prepping her dyes, so anyone can play in her dye tent. You won't be sorry!


Carole Julius said...

I know I'll be jealous of your photos from this weekend. Have a fabulous time!

AsKatKnits said...

I would love to be going with you! Have a fantastic time!

cal said...

have so much FUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! (in the most pathetically whiny voice ever) i will miss being with you all. eat an extra lobster for me!