Tuesday, December 10, 2013

book reviews & giveaway #5

So...you think I'm spending the month blabbing & mailing books? Nuh-uh.  Here's shorthand for "yes I am still making stuff and even finishing them.

A sweet little pile o'ends.
I'd show you the actual piece but the giftee visits here sometimes.
Ahem back to the Giveawayathon! There's still time for Wear With All, ebook version, and for Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting  essay collection. Clickk the links to enter at the end of those posts.  Not to mention the new added giveaway below. Enter 'em all, once each. Today's addtion is
Uncommon Cards: Stationery Made with Found Treasures, Recycled Objects, and a Little Imagination by Jeanne Williamson
Though I haven't mentioned it here, I love paper arts, bookarts, and mixed media crafting. I guess that’s not too far a stretch for a photographer, especially one who started out in black and white pape fiberbased prints. As we used to call'em. Many years I make my own cards for the holidays.  The whole scrapbooking phenomemenon, though?  Not so much--way too preformatted, and mostly too cutesy.
This book is neither of those. It is full of cardmaking ideas of simple beauty, with straightforward instructions, that yield sophisticated, and very special handmade stationery.

Most involve the use of a sewing machine on paper (adore!) and many involve natural materials, or found elements. The instructions are varied enough that you may learn a new skill, like printmaking using onions, or erasers, or recycling materials to use as decorative ingredients, or mixing nature with paper . The book definitely appeals to the CraftActivism side of me, thanks to those approaches. 
The layout is simple and clean. Each card design is featured on a two page spread,  with easy-to-see  details in the photos of the finished cards.  It feels quite jump -in and doable. At the back of the book are several pages of cardstock in the colors the author shows for her examples, so you can get crafting right away. Isn’t that a lovely lagniappe?

To enter the giveaway for a copy  of Unusual Cards, leave a comment below telling me what craft you play around with or might like to try , along with knitting/crochet.I'm giving away this book by mail , leave a comment below, by midnight Sunday night December 15th , with  your email address* or your Ravelry name.  I’ll choose a winner by random number generator.  
If you are a last minute person, maybe you’ll have it in time to do your holiday cards! 

___Stop by again soon, I'm going to keep reviewing and giveaway-ing all month.__________   *my blogging platform doesn’t reveal your email address with your replies normally, so I need it. if you are worried about it attracting a ‘bot scanning for addresses, feel free to leave it as JaneSewAThotstuffDOTCom  ok?  ___________________________ 
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Jaxie985 said...

I am learning to weave... this is my brain health project. It's a lot to wrap the brain around! I als LOVE paper craft, origami, blended craft projects (like cards with weaving as the design)!

amchart said...

Someday I'll try spinning.

Sheila said...

I've done some weaving and loved it, but don't have a loom and don't have anywhere to put it if I did have one. In my dreams, I have a large sun-drenched studio with a big loom in it, alongside my yarn stash.

SheilaOKeefe on Rav

Anonymous said...

Every so often, I try my hand at weaving. It is tougher than you'd think and my edges always look terrible. I'll keep going until I can do it well, or at least better. One day i will become a spinner, I'm just putting it off because i'm a little afraid of another obsession.

You giveaways are lovely. Thanks! My rav name is penchant4yarn.

Harmonise said...

I'll try anything! I'd love to make more cards but seem to lack inspiration most of the time.

Mary Lou said...

Dang - I just bought a copy of this for our Admin person at the office. She is a card maker extraordinaire and always has the perfect card for the occasion.

Marilyn a.k.a. Merry said...

I'm a sometime scrapbooker and love making things from scraps - paper, fabric, whatever.
wahoomerryf on Rav

glongley said...

I like to learn new things. I want to Learn how to spin someday. Need to save for a spinning wheel.

Carmen N said...
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Carmen N said...

I knit, crochet and make cards. I would like to learn to spin and work with polymer clay. (asimplehomestd on Rav)

Tobie said...

I spin & knit and sometimes weave and sew--and do beading.

Drae said...

I've always wanted to try weaving but I just don't have the time or space to start another hobby! alcbrooks on Rav

Debbolib said...

My main craft is knitting, but I have a yearning for paper crafts -- folding, sewing, making, ... Thanks for the giveaway. dlwellsclintonATearthlinkDOTnet

Anonymous said...

I love books on card making because I do make cards nearly every year for holidays (Rosh Hashanah, end of year season, Valentine's day). I haven't managed to make but one this holiday season, but there is still time. I aspire to more drawing or trying water color. The plan is to try some felting, from roving, soon.

purlplessk on Ravelry

kt said...

Do want.

Would love to go back and try pottery again--loved it when I was a young 'un.

Anonymous said...

Now I have ideas on making my cards for next year!
My rav name is knittinghooker


Sara said...

I love making cards, too. In fact, I just mailed 20 homemade Christmas cards yesterday and I usually make birthday cards and Halloween cards for my friends throughout the year.