Tuesday, December 03, 2013

book reviews & giveaway #2

Back at you with two reviews and another giveaway. On a roll! Still time to leave a comment for 50 Sunflowers by Krisitn Nicholas . You can enter every giveaway I'm doing this month, once for each.
Keep crawling back-I just received more books to share. 
Today: all about the kiddos. Two very different books.Giveaway info at end.
I wasn’t  familiar with Kat Goldin when I was sent this book from Running Press, her publisher, but I am a fangirl now. You can find her in Scotland, or on Ravelry from her name link above, and on her blog Slugs on the Refrigerator.
The projects in her wonderful book are all crocheted. They are not too difficult, if, like me you are more of a knitter who crochets when she feels like it.
They are cheerful, colorful, and reflect Kat’s modern graphic style.  Not a fussy one in the bunch: Beastie Feet, the Mermaid Tail baby cocoon,
the Star rug--all fun, clever, something kids and adults can both enjoy looking at. Crafting at its best.
The photos are by Kat too, and just like those on her blog---little snippets of everyday life, that show kids using the projects in the way kids do, rumply and real, with wonderful use of saturated palette and texture.  Simple, graphic, colorful.
I'm glad to be introduced to Kat Goldin. Keep an eye on her,she's busting out with ideas and new projects.
Another hardworking , talented blogging/publishing mom is Brandy Fortune. Her new book Just Like Me Knits: Matching Patterns for Kids and Their Favorite Dolls from PotterCraft, is today’s giveaway.  Brandy is also the creator of Petite Purls magazine, and the Pixie Purls blog, too.   She not only authored this book but also did all the photography, using primarily her own little daughters as models. Honestly, that is a big accomplishment-- I can tell you  from first hand experience. 

Every design in the book comes in a child/toddler size and also in a toy size,
so the kiddos can match their dolls. It is so sweet. There are girly-girl designs, fairy tale related designs, and things real life boys would wear.
Boys love their dolls too- even boys who grow up to be macho wrestling/kickboxing dudes--more firsthand experience in that department (but that’s another story).  The patterns trend toward ruffles, embellished, pastel styling.  The knits are very accessible , mostly simple projects but with enough going on to hold your interest.

Like Kat Goldin, Brandy Fortune did her own photography. The photos are in what I think of as a Pinterest-y (that’s an adjective, right?) child portrait style.  It’s done beautifully, and sweetly.  This book would either be a perfect gift for knitters with little children in their lives', or, perfect for you to make gifts.

To enter a giveaway for a copy of Just Like Me Knits, leave a comment below telling me a kid’s name you like, or were surprised by, or have heard lately. (Ok, let’s expand that- it could be a pet name-I’m an equal opportunity namer).
I'm giving away this book by mail , leave a comment below, by 6 pm Sunday night December 7th , with  your email address* or your Ravelry name.  I’ll choose a winner by random number generator.
___Stop by again soon, I'm going to keep reviewing and giveaway-ing all month.__________ 
*my blogging platform doesn’t reveal your email address with your replies normally, so I need it. if you are worried about it attracting a ‘bot scanning for addresses, feel free to leave it as JaneSewAThotstuffDOTCom  ok? Thanks


Cicha said...

The names of kids I love are of course names of my girls :)))))

Noemi, Estera and Sara.

Anonymous said...



Kim said...

Ruby. My daughters name:)


Michelle said...

Katherine! But we are looking for a name for our new puppy, can't name her after my daughter.


amchart said...

Well, I am expecting #8, so a lot of thinking about names around here. I love Benjamin for a boy and Hannah for a girl. theharts at windstream dot net

Mary Lou said...

I don't need to win. LOVE the mermaid cozy thing.

Brenda Perreault said...

Gotta go with my girls: Charlie and Lucy


Tobie said...



Anonymous said...

My kiddos names: William and Rosie!
alisonj on Rav

Mary said...


knittingloulew on Rav

Kay said...

My little grand daughter's name which is Sylvie.

ahammer on Ravelry

Lisa McGehee said...

A friend's new daughter's name is Cora Rose. And my great niece Haden's name because it is a family name.
AchillyCat on rav

Betty S. said...

With 6 granddaughters, I can't just leave one of theirs, so one I was considering for my daughter....... Suzanna.

bschlot on ravelry

Linda said...

I love Serenity, my daughter's name.

lmecoll on Ravelry

cathcart said...
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cathcart said...

A kid's name I love is Henrik.

Cathcart on Ravelry

Lauren said...

Serenity! When we picked up her birth certificate, we were told there was only one other in the county. At least we know she has a pretty and unique name!

Not like my son Aiden. We didn't realize it was such a popular name until a nurse told us there was 4 others in the baby room, all different spellings. So much for making his a bit unique as well :/

Songbirdz on rav

Drae said...

Agnes, or the Spanish Inez

JKH51 said...

I love the name Hannah but never had a daughter!

Terri said...

Niamh for a girl.

Brenda said...

I am seeing a lot of Cameron lately - for both boys and girls!

Thx for the giveaway.

Rav ID is Goodstuff.

Anonymous said...

My favorite names are those of my daughters, Eva and Kirsi!

I'm vernalequinox on Ravelry.

Carmen N said...

My favorite is Emma. A close second is Nora. carmen99 at asimplehomestead.com

Nancy said...

My favorite name is Ellen.

Rav ID is nancyanna

Anonymous said...

I adore the name Owen.

Rav ID: arts-tart

Tara said...

Cora is a family name that I just adore!

Chavahsdaughter on Ravelry