Friday, July 05, 2013

join me for a Guatemalan fiber & photo adventure?

This is a little out of the ordinary, even for me! *
Master weaver Hetty Friedman of Crafts for a Cause, took a photo class from me. Her woven pieces are exquisite. She explained that she works with Fair Trade craft/fiber cooperatives in Guatemala to dye her yarns, and weave her designs. Hetty lived and studied in Guatemala, and leads small tours to artisan villages there. She invited me  join her in creating a  special tour, combining our passions for textiles, craft, travel, artisans and (or course) photography.

Full flyer for this small group tour 

to the Western Highlands of Guatemala 

photos courtesy of Hetty Friedman/Crafts for a Cause
You do not need to be a serious weaver, or have special knowledge of textiles or knitting or especially photography! Just be interested, curious, ready to see new sights and meet wonderful people. Not to mention eat and drink well, in beautiful settings, and do a bit of craft market shopping.
The tour is  limited to a small group--so if you can put together 3-6 of your peeps, we can offer a discount.
Email me for details--actually email me with any questions at all! 
Hetty and I sat down one cold winter day and ironed out an exciting itinerary. It includes visits to artisans' cooperatives, with a chance to interact and see how they dye, weave & create.  Also, we'll visit craft  & food markets, do walking tours of historic sites, boat from village to village on Lake Atitlan, with time to work on your photography with me as we go along, if you want to, so you'll go home with a photographic story of your trip. Or  R&R, if you don't.
I hope you'll join us. It should be amazing! Deposits due by the end of July (we extended it from the flyer).
* we just learned that we may have come across as expecting travelers to be serious or advanced weavers or photographers. We don't! Gale doesn't weave, Hetty is pretty laid back about her photos--but we are both appreciative of the artisanry that is celebrated and preserved in the region, and love to look at everything and revel in the sights, tastes and colors of another place on this planet.*

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