Sunday, July 29, 2012

YO-ho ho and a bottle of eucalan

Before we get into the real story here, a quick look at my shawl.  I am in the final decrease section of this sizable mohair wrap--and I think, final color. I went rogue on the striping sequence .
Anyway, here's what I really want to tell you about:As you know if you've had a glance here in the past 7 years, I live by the beach, and I live for the beach.
 If I am in, by or on the water, all is good. Add my other must-have lifestyle-enhancing activity, knitting, and this is a no-brainer:

 1st annual Thimble Islands Charter Knitting Cruise
Tuesday evening August 14th,   7 - 9:15pm
Stony Creek (Branford) CT 
If you wish to join us from near or far, we still have some seats, see below*

I swear this is the conversation, verbatim, regarding this event.
( my phone ringing)
Capt Bob:  Hey, Gale? This is Capt Bob, got yer message. We're all set for the Thimble Islands charter on August 14th. Be at the dock with your people at 7 pm.
Me: Oh good, we're pretty psyched. I just realized it's getting dark earlier now,  do you have lights under the boat awning?
Capt Bob: Yeah, no problem, we 've got lights up.
Me: Oh I'm so glad. Otherwise it'd be hard to see our knitting,  I don't want anyone getting aggravated if they can't see their stitches after sunset.
Capt Bob: (silence for a little longer than normal in a conversation) Knitting? Did you say......knitting? You're all going to be on the boat....KNITTING??!!
Me: I thought I told you, this is a knitting cruise. We'll all be knitting, That's what we do on Tuesday nights.
Capt Bob: (little guffaw, and  sarcastic tone follows) so.. . you'll drink beer and knit?
Me: Of course. Or wine. But we were also talking mojitos and maybe margaritas...and snacks...
Capt. Bob: (silence, that I think we can interpret ??)
Me: what? did you think knitters are a bunch of old ladies?
Capt Bob: Um,,well.ummm yah..heh heh.   THIS is a first on the Volsunga. (mutttering) A knitters cruise! Definitely a first. See you on the dock on 14th....
Thimble Islands sunset, view from the dock 
 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Come school Captain Bob in the ways of knitters.  We have about ten seats left. Lots of friendly knitters from the area will be on board.
Tuesday August 14th , meet at the Stony Creek docks at 7 pm, boat departs at 7:15 sharp, tootles around the Thimble Islands just  off the coast,   and returns at 9:15. We'll be sailing on the Volsunga.
Tickets are $ 25. in advance, by paypal to me ( or message me ( and I'll tell you where to send a check. We'll sell tickets until we are full--or the boat leaves the dock, whichever comes first.
BYOB, BYOK(nitting) and some snacks to share, there's a large table in the center of the boat. Capt Bob provides the ice, the sound system and a guided tour.


kelli ann & lorie said...

Awww, this is one of those times that I wished I lived in New England... instead of just periodically visiting and pining. Why is this fabulous opportunity (a knitting cruise!) five and a half hours away from my home? And for such a reasonable price! Dammit, must get on the stick and organize one in the St-Lawrence then. Have a fabulous time!!!!

Mary said...

oh..I wish I were closer..I could organize a cruise in Cape Cod Bay I suppose..

I love that wrap and look forward to seeing it completed..

twinsetellen said...

Joining in the general consensus that CT is just too darned far away. I would love to show Cap'n Bob a thing or two about knitting!

Mary Lou said...

I wish I could be there. I wish I could have heard Capn Bob. That is funny. Looking forward to photos.

Anonymous said...

Fro the last 10 years of living here in New Haven I have wanted to do a cruise of the Thimble Islands. To do it while knitting? I am there! I'll send you and email!

craftivore said...

Captain Bob is going to get schooled!!! Love it and love him and you for doing it. It will be awesome. Maybe you should bring head lamps in case the lighting is too dim.

Anonymous said...

"Capt Bob provides the ice, the sound system and a guided tour." But apparently not the knitting notions...


Jan said...

FIrst of all--the shawl is almost done! Hurrah! Can't wait to see pictures of it from every angle!

Second of all, what a fab idea, to set up a knitting cruise for a local knit group! I've been reading about the knitting cruises from parts of Maine this summer and thinking about it as the perfect retirement gift to myself, if I'm able to retire ever, but never once did it occur to me that knitting cruises can be arranged on any large body of water, duh! I even have a buddy whose family runs ferrys in Lake Eyrie! I'd probably have to have a similar conversation with one of his older male relatives, but hey, Knitting Marches on!

Thanks so much for the inspiration! Now if I can just figure out how to knit and kyak at the same time, hmmm.