Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ways to use up yarn

This is one pretty charming way. Especially if you are on the receiving end.  I like how she braided strands together instead of just wrapping it round and round.
From my friend Julie. She said she thought of consulting  Shear Spirit and making a Navajo Braid with the yarn. navajobraidHer saying that, and actually referencing the book? A gift, too.
Navajo braid from churro sheep roving  on Jay Begay's ranch, on the rez in Arizona 
Here's a link from our photo shoot there.
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ps inside was the novel Swamplandia by Karen Russell. 

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Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Very clever use of yarn!!! HBO has "Swamplandia" in development right now! It's supposed to be very entertaining. Enjoy and happy b-day...again!

5:25 PM  
Anonymous twinsetellen said...

Yes, this is a wonderful way to use up leftover bits of yarn. Especially for wrapping birthday gifts! Happy Birthday, by the way...

12:04 AM  

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