Sunday, July 17, 2011

the right question

Still a space or two at Photographing Your Knits: FO's on Real People at WEBS this Thursday July 21 4:30-7:30. Join us! Did I mention it's at WEBS?!
Earlier this summer I knew what I wanted. Needed. Must knit. It was a long, wide, lightweight, sheer shawl that I could also wear as a huge scarf. I cast on to make Gossamer Stars with my big cone of Colrain lace. But alas, it was not making me happy.  Working off a chart wasn't my mood, because most of my summer knitting takes place on a porch or beach while chatting. Plus,  I'd forgotten that I already had this Be Sweet big wide shawl underway.
I decided to start over in razor shell, a favorite stitch, and was reinforced by Dunes in First Fall Knitty (don't you love it in handspun over there?)  But, I still wasn't feeling it. Know what I mean?
Volt, knit bySusanM Volt shot at the Photographing Your Knits class in LI
Then last Saturday at the Photographing Your Knits workshop, Sara asked me the simple question "What do you like to knit most?". I stumbled, saying "umm, uhhh, I guess I like knitting animal fibers best, in worsted weight". 
And then she said "No, I mean what do you like to knit?"  and I stumbled more, replying "l, ummm, well, I like sweaters, and ummm, everything. Small things, hats, scarves.... but not lace so much. I don't enjoy the fiddly stitches so much". (Clearly I'm not a big self-examiner type).
Later that night, when we were socializing,  she glanced over at me with my laceweight merino/tencel blend. There I was  looking annoyed at my YO's and counting stitches while trying to drink wine & chat and she said "But..I thought you didn't like lace?".
Enlightenment! Headslap! Thanks, Sara, for asking the right question at the exact right moment.  I'm casting on again with the Colrain, which is, after all, a very nice yarn. This time for Miley. I'm feeling happier already.
(more photos from that LI day next post, it was so inspiring. Not just because it got me back on track: the knitters and setting and the whole.....gestalt).


gayle said...

After seeing that photo, I was just sure you were going to say you were casting on Volt...

Mary Lou said...

Sometimes a little objective perspective helps. And maybe the wine.

Kristin Nicholas said...

Shoot - didn't know you were there - I would have come down. I'll be at the Creative Connex too! Will have to meet up there.