Friday, April 30, 2010

2 sweet 2 b ignored

The last time I mentioned my knitting, back here, I claimed I was swinging by my LYS to get yarn for travel knitting Gretel. I walked into Knit New Haven, June & Linda were unpacking these Be Sweet shawl kits, and that's all she wrote. Many yards of fine kid  mohair stockinette size 11us needles, on the bias. My only hesitation was deciding on colors.
0410GaleZuckerHIATT_533 Not following the suggested striping .
But I am loving every inch of it. Very zen , just floating along, me, my knitting, up in the air. And doncha love that green? I took it to West Hollywood SnB last night, lookie here, my knitting and I are on my fabulous hostess friend Ellen Bloom's blog.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Did you think I'd post without  Hipstamatic shots?  Uh uh. Not yet.planemid 
Somewhere over north america. Maybe Nebraska?
and landing in LA. Book shoots ahead.


Mary Lou said...

Great colors, and Be Sweet is an economic development project that benefits low income women in South Africa, but I bet you already knew that. And keep the hipstamatic coming. Does it have a virutal flashcube?

Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Gale! The WeHo SnB LOVED meeting you too!

The shawl is gorgeous!

twinsetellen said...

I can always justify Be Sweet purchases, for the reason sighted by Mary Lou. I am sooo into rationalizing my habits.

You chose great colors and that shawl is going to be fabulous!

Turtle said...

nice colors! trying to decide on my travel knitting for next week, lol, was up last night worrying that TSA would try to confiscate my harmony needles from me, but hate to pack them and check them for fear of my bag getting lost, lol, i'm pathetic!!

woolanthropy said...

The colors are so bright and summery. It was great having you at SnB. Looking forward to Tuesday!

gayle said...

Poor Gretel. But I'm sure she understands...
Excellent colors!

Cristina said...

Butter and dip me some of dat! I want a hipstamatic--and an antihistaminatic, too these pollen-filled days.

Kay said...

OK, your colorway reminds me, IN A GOOD WAY, of Gatorade, or G, or whatever they're calling it these days.

(Joseph berated me for giving him Gatorade at baseball: "It's FULL of SUGAR!!!!")

Also giggling uncontrollably at We-Ho.

A sort of anagram of WoHeLo, by the way.

Kym said...

Mmmmmm. Yummy shawl.