Wednesday, April 07, 2010

gettin' stitchy witcha

I had one of those"it's right under your nose" moments. I was trying to prove my last post wrong, that there was some favorite Passover food that'd look all stylish-like in a quick photo. 
I've been thinking about stitching a lot lately. Inspired by Jenny Hart over at Sublime Stitching, and ohfergodsake I don't know her real name, Cauchy09,  go click & look at her Flickr page. Maryse , who's no stitchery slouch herself, intro'd me to Cauchy.0410famvVar_11 
Headslap! The most interesting item on the table wasn't the food, but the matza cover, the hand stitched one right in front of my face I'd been looking at my whole life. Stitched by my grandmother who knows when (1930's?40's?50's?). It has all the ritual seder foods embroidered on it, with their hebrew names.
0410famvVar_8 That's the bowl of charosets. Don't you love the lines?It's flying. wheeee!0410famvVar_6
This one's the bitter herbs, horseradish root.  I adore the plain blue and the super soft aged tea linen it's on. Inspired, I pulled out a basket of her unfinished stitch projects I inherited.
Get this: the last hand that touched that needle was my grandmother, leaving it mid stitch , the way you would when you get up to make some coffee, sometime around 1967 ish. It's the last corner of a 50" square tablecloth, the other three corners were completed.
I think I know what needs to be done here. 
(and if you want more about me & stitching, go over to the Two Shear Spirits blog, more there).


Mary Lou said...

That is so great - an unfinished table cloth. Guilt that keeps on giving. Finish me already. No really, I love the cloths and what a wonderful thing to do.

Next thing you are going to be embroidering peasant blouse yokes, I know it. I'll see if I can find my transfers.

Ellen Bloom said...

Gale! You are so lucky to have such a beautiful family treasure. The Matzoh cloth is exquisite and fun. Can't wait to see the finished table cloth. The daisy design just says, 1967 to me!
It's so true....we need pretty dishes, embroidered matzoh cloths, lace tablecloths and lots of fresh flowers to offset boring beige Passover food!

Kym said...

My bet is the Passover food is boring-looking on purpose. . . to better draw the eye to fabulous hand-stitched Matzoh cloths! :-)

Kay said...

COVET the cover!

And the tablecloth--oh MY!

And the needle still in it!

Perhaps a full shot of the cover so that ambitious stitchers can attempt it? It's so much cooler than the half-finished counted cross stitch one I abandoned back in 92 or so.

gayle said...

What wonderful treasures! Beauty created with Love, and passed down through Family.

craftivore said...

Your grandma was amazing!! Love, love, love the matzoh cover, such a treasure. Now is a good time to have a needlepoint attack.

I find the boiled eggs and bright dishes rather photogenic.

twinsetellen said...

One of the best things about the cover is that it is still in use. That, to me, is the right way to honor the hand that stitched it.

Ann said...

O the stitchery! I totally love it all--and your foodie photos are delicious, as ever.

Ann said...

Oh, how pretty.
And bittersweet in a good way.
I have a wee pink cardigan my grandmother was crocheting. One sleeve needs to be finished, but I don't think there is enough yarn.
It was possibly meant for me, but I was already too big for it by then, so I'm not sure.

Cristina said...

Yes, what must be done--finish it and use it! Andale.

word verification: aunde...

Wendy said...

This is really beautiful. What a sweet moment in time. How special that you have the chance to finish it and honor her!