Sunday, May 15, 2011

on the bright side, tho the weather wasn't

With a fab pink sweater for us the photograph, we didn't let the grey wet weather slow us at the Photography for Knitters Workshop today.0047_GaleZuckerWrkshopNH0511 
There wasn't much in the way of playing around reflecting and diffusing sunlight ( But we did get to see how flat grey light was perfect for the mixed texture of a beaded shawl. And how a rain streaked cement wall makes an excellent abstract background.
Wearing a wool hood in light drizzle was no hardship at all.0068_GaleZuckerWrkshopNH0511 
What a great group of students, again! Down to every detail.
Thanks to everyone who came to the class today, and to my friends at Knit NewHaven for hosting us.
 details for Southampton LI class here
 and for the Rehoboth Beach class here

If this looks like fun to you, here's where else I'm teaching . Classes are always limited so sign up soon.


Mary Lou said...

Another fun class. Fiber College looks like a blast. Maybe next year.

cauchy09 said...

whoa, that pink sweater is a are your photos.

Ellen Bloom said...

Here in Los Angeles we call this type of weater "May Gray." We will soon be into the "June Gloom" season!
Great sweater pix!!

gayle said...

Looks like great fun!
Though I can't help but wonder what passersby were thinking when they saw all the people with cameras...