Friday, September 24, 2010

what color scarf are you casting on?

 Fremont Solstice Festival Seattle
Quick! What color comes to mind?

0810FamVar_0286 Randolph Vermont general store
How about now?
Fremont Solstice Festival Seattle naked cyclists parade kickoff *
Ok do I have your attention? (I should have left the patch off, right? )
So. You should be just about ready to cast on a red scarf for the Orphan Foundation of America's Red Scarf project. Knit a red (or non-gender-specific) color scarf, approx  5-8" wide and around 60" or so long, to be included in a care package to a college kid who aged out of foster care and is going it on their own.  Send it in by December 15th.  The address, and more info about this wonderful effort here.
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* When I asked my 16yo son Gabe if he'd come out to Seattle and work for me on a series of photo shoots right after school ended this past June, he surprised me by asking if we'd be there for Solstice. He's not usually much of an earthy-crunchy-granola guy. I asked why he cared.  The Fremont festival, said he. Naked bicyclists. Like, hundreds of them.

You know what? It was a fabulous parade and party. The naked cyclists were just the kickoff. In fact the whole week was full of fabulous.  We might just go back in 2011. Gabe says he's going to be in the parade. On a bicycle.


Mary Lou said...

How did he even know there were naked bicyclists? Never mind. He's 16. And will he be clothed? I must try to get at the scarf. Soon.

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

I'm seeing red!
lol, I would love to send out a link on FB or on my school listserve about the red scarf project. Since I don't knit (shudder) the least I can do is get other people involved. The link on this post isn't opening for me. Can you do the link again?
Maybe you can knit Gabe a special loin cloth for the 2011 bike ride, seeing that he's underage.

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I fixed the link, Marla, thanks, and it is also here:

also, a knit loinclth. Hmmmm.

Cookie said...


She's not nekkid. She's wearing boots. ;^) Trust Gabe to know about that ride. *L*


Diane said...

My scarf is already done, just needs blocking and labeling. Thanks for the shot of inspiration though, even with a patch.

Vicki Knitorious said...

That's a whole 'nother level...

craftivore said...

The whole idea of naked nuts on a bicycle seat is a bit overwhelming. I bet it's a blast.

PICAdrienne said...

As soon as I saw the picture, I knew it was Fremont.

I received the package yesterday. The card and yarn are both lovely. I think the yarn is highly appropriate for a scarf. I am thinking of a appropriate unisex stitch pattern to work it up.

Thank you so very much.

twinsetellen said...

Keep reminding us. If I get myself clear of some commitments in time, I'll take one on. But I am also committed to not overextending myself any more than I already am, so no promises yet.

Anonymous said...

I saw naked bikers in Victoria,BC last year and loved them, they seemed to be having so much fun. How courageous. I wonder...what would it feel like to know that you lent your bike to a friend, and then saw them biking...naked...on your bike. Hmmmm.

the Lady said...

do we get to see the photo sans patch if we cast on red? <>

yum yum! squishy malabrigo time!